December Offers

We have a number of great offers for patients starting their brace treatment in December.

For those who are looking for a cosmetic option, you can upgrade to the ICE clear brackets on the upper front teeth for NO extra fee!


If you want a more invisible brace then why not go for the INCOGNITO brace. This is the ultimate in “Lingual” braces (fitted on the inside of the teeth), completely bespoke to you and surprisingly comfortable. Normally this upgrade would be £1,000 but for December only this is a fantastic £500.

Finally, the third option is to take advantage of extended finance, so you can now take 0% finance over 3 years – that can reduce payments to as little as £16 per week.

If any of these three great offers take your fancy, then why not book in for a smile assessment today so you can get your braces started in December. We have limited spaces, so it will be first come first served.

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