Escape from the old routine

Instead of going away on holiday, we decided to do some personal development this week. Despite being tired and in need of a rest, we headed down to Cornwall for a Leadership Retreat so we can help our staff and business continue to grow and achieve its potential.

The place we go to do this is a fairly unique part of the world. Not only is it an enclosed estate with acres of woodland surrounding (and no mobile phone reception!), the owner has built environmentally friendly cottages that are “time shared” for 35 years for folk who want to get away to somewhere magical in the UK. So all in all a fairly inspirational place to be to develop our leadership skills.

4 days of blissful quiet, beautiful scenery and excellent coaching has us all fired up for the future and even the colder weather can’t dampen our enthusiasm.

So here’s to a fabulous last 5 weeks of 2011 and an even better 52 weeks of 2012.

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