Does having braces hurt?

It’s a common question I get asked by patients, and perhaps for some people the reason why they decide not to go ahead with treatment.

It’s natural to fear something that could cause us pain and to actively avoid it. Let me reassure you, although for most people there is a little discomfort the first few days after fitting the brace, having it put on is not painful at all. Once the initial soreness settles you will only get occasional twinges with routine adjustments of the brace or just because the teeth are moving. Any soreness rarely lasts for more than a couple of days.

So why is there a little discomfort? The reason is because the braces make the teeth move, which in turn causes inflammation of the stuff around the teeth. That in turn makes the body’s repair functions to respond by removing bone where the tooth wants to move and making new bone from where it moves from. Most patients recover from any discomfort very quickly and there are many ways to make sure you feel comfortable through those early days, so don’t let fear prevent you from getting your perfect smile.


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