Aren’t I too old to have braces that will work for me?

Many adults think that once they get past a certain age they have to accept that their teeth are wonky for the rest of their lives.

They think that their teeth won’t move because they are no longer growing and the teeth are set in the jaw permanently. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are able to move the teeth of any patient of any age.

Orthodontic tooth movement can happen because our bodies are able to grow new bone and remove any bone that is no longer needed. This process happens all the time and at all ages, albeit a bit slower the older you get. So there is no reason to worry that you’re too old for orthodontic treatment. And if the length of treatment concerns you, this can be accelerated using the AcceleDent mouthpiece.

In case you’re wondering, our eldest current patient is 76 years old!


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