On the tip of your tongue!

Lots of people are discovering a more convenient way to get their teeth straightened with invisible braces. Adverts are seen on TV for products such as Invisalign ‘clear aligners’ (the company that makes this have big marketing budgets!) or you may have also seen an advert in the paper, magazines or on the internet. Many dentists offer this kind of treatment but so do Orthodontists who have trained specifically in the management of crooked teeth and mismatched jaws.

In our speciality there is also a growing trend for lingual braces (these are fixed braces fitted on the inside surface of the teeth), as they are discrete and effective at moving the teeth, and patients love them because no one knows they are wearing a brace. We have treated lots of brides and grooms to be with lingual braces giving them a fantastic smile in time for their wedding (some of them are still wearing their brace on the day but they don’t show on the photos!). The straight smile from orthodontic treatment has made a real difference to their big day.

If you have a special event in your future and want to be confident in your smile, lingual braces may be the way forwards for you.

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