Getting the recipe right

As a keen cook and baker I know all too well that if you miss a key ingredient or step in the process, then you end up with a mess. It’s happened to me on many occasions over the years – using salt instead of sugar to make a glaze for hot cross buns, missing sugar out of chocolate muffins, and using the wrong flour. I have also had endless debates with friends about the merits of using the best chocolate or wine when cooking – there is no such thing as cooking wine! In some ways orthodontics is the same – the better the ingredients and cook, the better the result will be. The amateur “chef” will be able to get most straightforward recipes to work, but probably won’t be able to make Michelin star quality food. The more complicated the recipe, the more difficult it is to execute. Whilst I’m no Michel Roux Jnr, I’m pretty good and like a challenge!

It may seem really easy to straighten a few teeth at the front, but understanding the limitations of tooth movement and keeping within the tolerance and anatomy of your patient’s mouths and jaws is also key. That’s why specialists take a further three years of full time training to gain the knowledge and experience of orthodontics.

It is only by understanding all aspects of teeth straightening that you can tailor orthodontic treatment to each individual patient. From a position of knowledge you are able give the pros and cons of a full range of treatment options – therefore giving the patient the right information so they can make the right choice for them.

All our new clients get a comprehensive consultation and detailed orthodontic examination with a specialist orthodontist – with photographs and x-rays as needed. We take time to review these clinical records in order to work out the best approach and make considered recommendation for their treatment. We also take time to discuss our findings and recommendations with the potential patient, outlining all options and alternatives available. And all for only £57.

So before you embark on having your teeth straightened, why not find out what we can do for you.


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