Will my child need to have teeth taken out to get them straight?

When you’ve always encouraged your child to take good care of their teeth it can be upsetting to be told they need to have healthy adult teeth taken out.

Most orthodontic treatment starts when a child is between 11 and 13. By this age their teeth are likely to be fully grown and crowding or alignment problems can be difficult to resolve without taking some out to make room for all the adult teeth.

Leading orthodontists worldwide are now encouraging parents to book a first consultation for their child when they’re eight or nine and still have some of their baby teeth.

We strongly believe that preserving a child’s adult teeth as far as possible is better for their long-term dental health, as well as their smile. Starting treatment with a simple brace at the age of eight, nine or ten allows us to make room for the last few adult teeth to grow. In this way we’ve found that we can produce straighter smiles, reduce the need for tooth removal and shorten the time needed for fixed braces.

We can also offer gentle treatment options for teenagers and adults that avoid the need for extractions.  Why not find out more and book a reduced price consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist.

straight teeth for children


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