How to look after your braces

Most patients adapt pretty quickly when a brace is fitted to the teeth or after having it adjusted, but to help your orthodontic treatment go smoothly here are our top 10 tips to help you have a comfortable and effective brace treatment.

Clear fixed braces

1. Avoid eating hard or chewy foods – they break braces
2. Cut up all food you eat into small pieces
3. Stop biting your nails or chewing pen tops – they break braces
4. Always have a supply of Ibuprofen, comfort wax and Bonjella
5. Wear your elastics if you’re given them – it gets the job done quicker
6. Don’t miss appointments – programme them into your phone
7. Keep your braces clean – your orthodontist deserves a clean “workplace”
8. Reduce the amount of sugar you have – it reduces the chance of having white marks on your teeth
9. If you have gaps in your teeth your wire could break or come out, so try not to eat on the gaps
10. If anything breaks let the practice know straight away

All Orthodontists should be able to provide their own advice when asked by their patients “how do I look after my braces” but the above should be the absolute minimum level of care given.

Watch the video below, this is our guide on how to clean your braces properly, prevent problems and how to make your brace more comfortable.


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