5 Tips on how to care for your braces during Halloween

Nowadays, celebrating Halloween and trick or treating seem to be the norm for 31st October. As we come to the end of this month and the lure of naughty treats beckons you brace wearers here’s some advice so you don’t end up with brace “horrors”!


1)    Remember your braces are stuck to your teeth and are designed to come off at the end of treatment, but hard and sticky foods can cause your brace to break. To avoid the “terror” of wire poke and rubbing break all your food up as small as possible and avoid very hard things like boiled sweets!

2)    If you are going to be tempted to the dark side and eat sugary treats then make sure you spend time cleaning your teeth afterwards so you don’t get “ghostly” white marks on your teeth after your brace comes off

3)    Like all good vampires know – it’s really important to look after your teeth, so always use a fluoride mouthwash last thing at night to help strengthen your fangs

4)    All you witches with new braces might want to brew up a nice cauldron of hearty pumpkin soup to keep your strength up for casting spells – you could even dunk your bread in it too!

5)    Though you might feel a bit like frankenstein’s monster with your braces on keep positive because at the end of it all you’ll have fabulous teeth!


Enjoy your Halloween!

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