The Park Lane Orthodontics Clinical Team

At Park Lane Orthodontics, we consider each and every member of the team vital to delivering the orthodontic care and expertise we have all trained to give. Amongst our clinical team, each individual has developed a special interest in different aspects of Orthodontics.

Ben Buffman- Specialist OrthodontistBen, one of the owners of the practice and our lead orthodontist, has a wealth of experience in treating both Adults and Children and is great at diagnosing and planning the right treatment for our patients. He has a wide scope of practice in all types of orthodontic treatments, and so can offer patients the best options for them based on this expertise. This is why Ben carries out all of our new patient consultations.




Paula Buffham- Dentist with Sole Practice in Orthodontics.

I am co-owner of the practice with Ben and love treating both Adults and Children, and my special interest is alternative treatments such as Invisalign. Henry is developing his scope of practice and will be focusing on lingual braces, and Meera enjoys treating Children and so her focus will be on them.

We will have 4 “experts” each offering regular orthodontic treatment but with high skill levels in their chosen field. In this way we can concentrate on delivering quality results to our patients whilst offering them a full choice of how they have their teeth straightened.



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