Give your teeth some TLC – Valentines day tips your mouth will love

What could be better than giving yourself a good pampering session, especially if you’re planning a romantic evening? Whilst we may spend time shaving or soaking in a lovely bubble bath, often we forget to spread the love to our teeth and mouths. So here are my top tips to giving your mouth a bit of TLC – after all you never know who you may be kissing over the weekend!

1. Gleaming fresh – there’s nothing quite like the freshness of teeth after a visit to the hygienist, but how can we get that all round clean feeling at home? Spend some quality time really giving your teeth a spring clean at least once a day – this means brushing each surface of each tooth. The easiest way to do this is divide your mouth into quarters and spend at least 10 seconds on each of the three surfaces (inside, outside and top). Don’t forget to floss those in between edges you can’t get to with a brush

2. Kiss goodbye the bad smells – avoid strongly flavoured foods such as garlic and curry the day before a date. Coffee and smoking also leads to bad breath so cut those out if you can. Make sure to drink plenty of water too as that helps keep saliva flowing and rinses away those smelly germs. Brush the top of your tongue every day if you can as that furry surface is a great place for bacteria to get together!


3. Chew sugar free gum if you can’t brush – it helps to clean the teeth as well as neutralise acid from food and drink

Sugar free gum
4. Limber up those lips – at this time of year central heating and cold winds can dry and chap lips so keep them soft and supple by using lip balm and apply regularly

Applying lip balm
5. Smile! – nothing is more attractive to other people so always wear a smile (even in the supermarket!)


Happy Valentines Day!

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