Regrets and Your Teeth


A recent Reddit article asked those over the age of 50 to share what they most regretted in life. Responses ranged from career to relationship regrets but a common theme also turned out to be the way in which these Reddit users had neglected to care sufficiently for their dental health. One user listed his greatest regret as ‘not taking excellent care of my teeth’, while another urged readers to:

‘Brush your teeth. Often. Even though it sucks, you should also Floss. Every day’.

These regrets made one thing clear: paying attention to your dental health isn’t simply about ensuring you avoid dental problems now. A good oral hygiene regime is a way of ensuring that in the years to come you still have a smile about which you can feel proud.

Neglecting your teeth now may have an effect which does not become clear until you are older. While following a good oral regime later on will prevent further damage – once tooth enamel has been eroded, it does not regenerate. Tooth bonding or use of crowns may address the damage but the fact remains that your natural tooth cannot fix itself once its enamel has been lost.

So what do you need to be doing now to make sure that your teeth aren’t a source of regret to you when you are older?

– Regular brushing and flossing is key. This needs to be done twice a day and brushing should take place for a least two minutes.

– Ensure that you are thorough and pay attention to every available surface of the tooth.

– Your tongue should also be brushed so that your entire mouth is left clean.

– Floss to ensure that your gums are kept clean too.

– Use a mouthwash once a day and pick a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

– You should be making sure to visit your dentist every six months – and when you do, check with them that your brushing technique is up to scratch.

Being strict with yourself now about your oral hygiene regime is the way to ensure that you can look on your smile in later years with no regrets.

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