Short-Term Braces

When investigating the possibility of braces, one major concern which patients regularly voice is that of timing. While they want straight teeth and the benefits in confidence that come as a part of that straight appearance, they don’t want to be locked into years of treatment. The good news is that with orthodontic technology and treatment progressing at ever-faster rates,  short-term treatments are now available so a quick fix is now a real option. Accelerated orthodontics are a growing trend and are increasing in popularity.


Here at Park Lane Orthodontics, we actually offer our own range of faster orthodontic treatments: Smile Rapide. Usually Smile Rapide braces will take less than a year to straighten and align your front teeth. Changes and results are often seen in just a few months.

The short-term nature of this treatment doesn’t scrimp at all on subtlety. We may use invisible lingual braces, which mean that you can enjoy all the effects of a brace without anyone knowing that you are wearing one. Alternatively, we may use clear fixed braces, which use translucent ceramic brackets rather than the traditional wire ones. Again, this results in a much less obtrusive brace. And fitting said braces is quick and painless.

Another benefit of this kind of treatment is that laboratory costs are skipped. We don’t need to send a mould to the lab and so don’t need to pass any of those costs on to you. Because of this, this short-term option is also a way of enjoying a competitive price on your orthodontic treatment.

If you would like to find out more, why not give us a call on 01183213691 or book an appointment online.

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