Choosing An Orthodontist

With more and more orthodontist and dental practices popping up all over the UK, identifying the best one might seem intimidating. Obviously the first attribute to look for is the quality of the dental care, but there are many important factors that can sometimes go overlooked when searching for the ideal orthodontist.


An orthodontist practice offering a high quality of customer service and a warm welcome is a crucial attribute. With children through to adults of all ages passing through the door, it’s important to seek a practice who welcome everyone and offer a high quality of service as well as highly professional orthodontic care.



What to look for


  1. Go the extra mile. Many people end up choosing services and establishments that are closest to their homes for convenience even though they may not be the best options. Be sure to do your research as there could be a practice that is only a few miles more to go but significantly better and with a better reputation than your local. Your orthodontic health is worth the extra few miles.
  2. Friendly and welcoming. Orthodontic treatment can be a long and sometimes arduous process. It’s in your interests to choose somewhere you’re going to be comfortable to going to and with practitioners who you feel comfortable around.
  3. Treatment options – Not all orthodontic practices offer the same treatment. It’s important to check out what is available before you commit to one practice. It might be worth doing a bit of reading about the different orthodontic treatments to find the one that you think you might need so you can search for a practice that offers it. Here at Park Lane, we’re always happy to talk through the kind of treatment you’d like during a consultation. Additionally, if you’re looking to wise-up on your orthodontic knowledge, check out our Jargon Buster Blog, available to read in our Blog section. 
  4. Choose somewhere with a good vibe. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in one place over the course of 12-24 months, you’re going to want a good ambiance. Aspects like a good and friendly reception service, a pleasant, clean and non-stressful waiting room. Park Lane’s private practice takes your comfort and well-being very seriously – we try to be as accommodating as possible.
  5. A good support base. Orthodontics often involves more than just one practitioner and a practice is made up of many different people doing different things to help you along on your journey to better oral health and a better smile. These include hygienists, receptionists, dental nurses, orthodontic therapists and treatment co-ordinators. All of these people form a friendly and approachable support base for everyone, including those with dental phobias.


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