The Benefits of Orthodontics

If you’re on the fence about pursuing orthodontic treatment, then hopefully this blog can persuade you otherwise. Straightening your teeth could be one of the best things you ever do. Not only are there aesthetic benefits, but also health benefits and confidence benefits. Orthodontic treatment has a profound impact on the appearance of your face’s structure, as it affects the jaw and your mouth’s overall appearance.


When is orthodontic treatment necessary?

Occasions where orthodontic treatment can benefit adults and children include the following:

  • Complications with breathing – breathing through your mouth can lead to sleep apnoea, snoring and sometimes respiratory issues.
  • Amending crossbite issues – When one or more of your upper teeth bite inside your lower teeth towards your tongue, this is considered a crossbite problem, which can affect your overall health.
  • Crowding – This is when one area of your mouth is overcrowded with teeth that do not need to be there.
  • Disfiguring of the mouth and face – This can affect the way the face develops into older age if orthodontic treatment is not carried out.
  • Confidence – Many people seek orthodontic treatment because they find they’re dental issues are affecting their everyday life.
  • Speech and chewing problems – Misalinged jaws can affect a person’s speech and ability to break down food. Having a consultation and looking at a person’s options where this is concerned can be the first step to an easier day-to-day life.


What are the options available to me at Park Lane?

At Park Lane, we understand that everyone is different and wants different things during their treatment, which is why we offer a range of non-intrusive treatments alongside more traditional fixed options. Lingual braces are one of the most effective fixed and discreet options, as the braces are fitted behind your teeth – your friends need not know you are undergoing orthodontic treatment!

If you need more convincing, here is an infographic with the benefits to early orthodontic intervention…..


park lane info


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