Digital Dentistry and orthodontics

Developments in technology have revolutionised the world of dentistry and orthodontics, notably over the past few decades. Both patient and orthodontist/dentist have seen huge benefits regarding workflow and treatment amongst other factors, facilitating procedures and projections.

One such recent addition here at Park Lane, is our new state-of-the-art iTero® Element scanner. This type of scanner can give patients a prospective look at their treatment outcome. Accurate scans of the patient’s mouth can be studied and a physical print model can be made with the 3D printer. After the scan is taken, it is then sent to Invisalign who deliver the the patient’s custom aligners, saving time for both parties as well as rendering the whole process more convenient and comfortable.

iTero® scanners allow us to see a virtual model of your teeth which means we can more clearly explain the process moving forwards and provide more layman-friendly explanations to the questions you may have. This also allows us to identify any complications immediately.

Conventional methods of taking impressions (before the iTero® scanner), place dentists at the mercy of the rubber impression material which is very technique sensitive and so errors can be introduced. They also take nearly 2 minutes to set in the mouth.



A good first impression…..

For the likes of Invisalign and retainers, gone are the days of taking impressions the old, and sometimes, uncomfortable way. At Park Lane, the introduction of the iTero® scanner make this process easier than ever.

A few stats…..

Since March 2016,iTero® reported 1.2 million uses across several difference procedures including custom implants, restorative crowns and bridges – this encompasses 2.7 million scans in total, with 1 million of these being for Invisalign.

Benefits of this technology…

· Thorough and detailed analysis of the patient’s teeth and circumstances, including an illustration of what your end result may look like.

· Easy to understand for patient and dentist/orthodontist alike.

· Invisalign cases that start with an iTero® scan ‘have 7 times fewer fit issues than those started with traditional impressions’. There are also 10 times fewer rejections using the iTero® scanner than with traditional impressions.

· Versatile and compatible – if you’re reading this blog as a dentist or orthodontist, it’s highly likely that the scanner will be compatible with the equipment that you already own, which facilitates set-up and keeps costs down.

·  Less time is spent in the orthodontist’s chair.

·  It improves digital workflow. The scanner facilitates collaborations between the lab and the practice via digital scans and images, which can be sent quickly and present a clearer image of the patient’s mouth and teeth.

See your future smile today!

At their consultation, Park Lane patients have found it quite a revelation to see the digital image of their teeth and the simulated image of how their teeth could look after treatment. It has helped them make their minds up and the unknown has been taken away.  See your future smile today!









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