Children’s Orthodontics – Types of Braces

Here at Park Lane, we offer a range of brace types for children. Take a look at some of the options below…


Removable plastic braces

For children aged between 9-12, early orthodontic treatment with removable plastic braces may be an option.

The benefits of using removable plastic braces to fix your child’s bite:

  • Lightweight and discreet – the fact that your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment will go unnoticed by onlookers, as the removable plastic braces are transparent and subtle on the eye.
  • Removable braces are free of brackets and wires as well as lightweight which makes them a comfortable option.
  • Using removable braces early on in your child’s lifetime will help to lay strong foundations for future treatments.

Smiling little girl in with braces and glasses showing heart with hands.

Functional braces

Functional braces can be used to manage complications with your child’s ‘bite’ (the way the teeth close together). These braces need to be worn on either the top or bottom set of teeth and sometimes during day as well as night.

The benefits of functional braces to fix your child’s bite:

  • Although they are visible to others, functional braces are not as conspicuous as other metal brace types.
  • Functional braces can help correct fundamental issues with your child’s bite.
  • Functional braces guide your child’s teeth into a desired position using gradual pressure – treatment is not uncomfortable.

Fixed braces

These are an option once your children’s teeth have come through. Coloured metal brace systems are available for kids which helps make the treatment more ‘fun’ and gives children more of an incentive to want them. We find that children enjoy picking out the colours that they prefer and creating their own designs. For slightly older children who are a little more self-conscious, we offer discreet cosmetic fixed braces which blend with their natural teeth.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign are a highly popular choice with adults and we now offer Invisalign Teen for younger patients. This treatment is suited to patients aged between 11-18.  They should be worn 22 hours a day in order to offer successful results – they have a built-in indicator, showing you how your child is wearing them each day – this will help keep on top of the time guidelines.

Remember that post treatment, wearing a retainer is an essential part of treatment – failing to wear a retainer will cause your child’s teeth to shift back into their original position thus reversing the improvements the treatment has delivered!


If you would like more information about different brace types at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us.










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