New Year New You! Why get orthodontic treatment this year? 

Orthodontic treatment can change lives in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’re self conscious about the way your teeth look or you’re concerned about the health implications of having misaligned teeth? Seeking orthodontic treatment could be the most valuable thing you do this year…..


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  • Regain your confidence. Misaligned teeth can be at the core of some severe self-confidence issues with many people. If you feel you do not smile as much as you used to or that your teeth are holding you back from interactions with others, orthodontic treatment could be the answer.
  • Maintain good health. Malocclusion issues and misaligned teeth cause unwanted gaps in your teeth. if left untreated, these unnatural gaps can begin to cause health problems, starting with tooth decay and gum disease, as bacteria are able to easily settle there. As well as this, the gaps in your teeth can affect your facial structure (depending on the severity of the issue)
  • Undergoing treatment has never been simpler. Developments in orthodontics mean that there is a greater variety of treatment options than ever. If you are worried about treatment being invasive, there are several less invasive options such as removable braces and ‘invisible’ braces.
  • Look yourself during treatment – If you’re worried about your appearance changing during treatment, do not fret. ‘Invisible’ treatments have discreet designs that render your braces barely visible to others.
  • No more ‘metal mouth’ stigma. The stigma around having metal based braces has died down over the last few years – China are even embracing the ‘metal mouth’ as a fashion accessory!


You can read a full list of our treatment options here.


If you would like more information about the types of treatment we offer at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a consultation for you.



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