Children’s orthodontics 

Our orthodontists here at Park Lane have comprehensive and diverse experience in children’s orthodontics. Our team pride themselves on being patient and understanding with nervous young patients (and indeed with adults!), making them feel welcome and at ease. Better still, there are no waiting lists or restrictions to the type of treatment so we can start at the optimal time for your child. Read on to find out more about the brace options offered at Park Lane. 

Beautiful young woman with brackets on teeth close up

Removable braces

Children aged between 9-12 may be able to start orthodontic treatment with a removable plastic brace, which is lightweight and discreet. The brace is worn day and night, and can begin aligning your child’s front teeth, make more space for their adult teeth to grow into or start to correct problems with the bite (how the teeth fit together).

Early intervention with a removable plastic brace will lay foundations for future treatment as well as potentially avoid the need to extract adult teeth later in life. What could be better than your child starting secondary school with a more confident smile?


Functional braces

Children can be teased if they have prominent teeth and so it’s important to deal with this at the right time. Functional braces are designed to combat problems with your child’s protruding top teeth (how your teeth close together). They are worn on the top or bottom set of teeth day and night.

The brace will guide your child’s teeth and their bite into a more desirable position, effectively and comfortably. Many patients will need to have fixed braces once the functional brace has done it’s job but this can be made much simpler by the functional brace so they don’t have to wear them as long.


Fixed braces

Fixed braces are normally used once your child’s adult teeth have come through. The braces are fixed to your child’s teeth and gently align the adult teeth into a great smile.

There are several types of fixed brace available but one of the most popular amongst younger patients is a metal brace system where bright coloured bands can be incorporated to give a fun look. This helps to encourage nervous or reluctant younger patients also!

Teenagers are generally more self conscious about their brace, so Park Lane have a more discreet type of cosmetic fixed brace that blends in with teeth more successfully.



Invisalign is an outright hit with our adult patients here at Park Lane, so we began offering Invisalign Teen for our younger patients. Invisalign Teen is suitable for 11-18 year olds as they are focused on aligning adult teeth and allow for the teeth to grow through and be guided into position. Like traditional Invisalign, the braces must be worn for 22 hours per day for a successful outcome. They possess a built-in indicator, showing you how long your child is wearing them, so that treatment can be successful.

One exciting advance in Invisalign Teen is we can integrate the benefits of functional braces into the aligner treatment, which means we can correct the bite more efficiently whilst also straightening the teeth in a much less bulky and easy to wear system.


If you would like more information about orthodontics for children at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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