Lingual & 2D braces – the info you need to know

Lingual braces, such as Incognito, have changed the face of orthodontics, offering an ‘invisible’ design coupled with a high standard of orthodontic techniques to straighten teeth. 

My dentist is the best! Portrait of a female dentist and young man in a dentist office.

CAD/CAM technology was not used to construct lingual braces until the later stages of their evolution. Now the brackets and wires are individually created for every patient according to their tooth measurements. Past designs were flawed as brackets frequently fell off and were larger and uncomfortable for the patient. As the braces are now digitally designed, the brace hardware can be a perfect match for your teeth. 

Interesting fact – the first patient to be treated by lingual braces was in 1976 in Beverley Hills. 

Benefits of Lingual braces summarised: 

  • ‘Invisible’ braces that fit on the tongue side of your teeth. No-one needs to know you are having orthodontic treatment! No need to worry about that meeting at work. 
  • Custom-created for you. Your orthodontist here at Park Lane will take digital impressions of your teeth so that the brace and brace hardware can be made up to your exact tooth measurements. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • The results are visible quite early during the treatment period which can be a good incentive for patients who are a bit anxious, encouraging them to be positive about the treatment period. 

Young woman showing lingual braces, close up

2D braces system 

The 2D brace system is another version of the lingual brace with components that sit particularly flat against the teeth. 2D braces can be fitted immediately so you don’t have to wait for the lab to send them back. It’s generally easier to get used to speaking with 2D braces as the brace hardware is less intrusive. Very good option for less fundamental orthodontic issues but still offers a top end quality of treatment. 

If you would like more information about lingual braces at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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