Adult orthodontics – it’s never too late to change your smile…..

Are you unhappy with your smile but feel you’re too old for orthodontic treatment? Undergoing orthodontic treatment at an older age is no longer considered unusual in 2017, in fact, today 20% of patients having treatment are adults!

Straight teeth. Close-up of male hand with clear aligner for orthodontic correction of bite. Man is smiling. Isolated background

Our adults treatments can be split into two types:

Comprehensive treatment – generally takes between 12-24 months

  • Straightening/correction of all of your teeth.
  • Bite/occlusal problems such as a deep bite/crossbite or prominent teeth.
  • Broadening of dental arches in order to give a fuller-looking smile.
  • Manage displaced, spaced or crowded teeth.
  • Correct dental midlines in order to achieve symmetry.

Limited objectives treatment – generally takes around 6 – 12 months

  • Straightening/improving your front teeth uniquely.
  • Correction of mild crowding and spacing – front teeth only/’social 6’ visible teeth.

Many adults choose to avoid or delay treatment as they are anxious about their appearance with braces. However, as there are many more options for more aesthetic braces available to patients which include Invisalign, Incognito and Smile Rapide this is no longer the issue it used to be. Age does not prohibit the success of moving teeth into a healthy position so there really is no reason not to improve your smile with orthodontics – treatment may also reduce the risk of future dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease as straight teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain.

Another factor that has put some adults off treatment is the length of time associated. Understandably this is a genuine concern but much has changed in our approach to treatment and we acknowledge that patients often only want to IMPROVE their smile rather than gain perfection. This will reduce the time needed for treatment and still deliver the result they wish for.

Here at Park Lane we understand that our patients have busy lives and many seek treatment that is minimally-invasive to their routines. Treatments such as Invisalign incorporate removable appliances, so you don’t have to change your diet or go through a meticulous brushing process – you can simply remove the aligners to clean and floss your teeth. If you have a meeting at work, you can remove the aligners for this, with no impact on your speech.


If you would like more information about our selection of treatment options at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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