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Park Lane has been home to an orthodontic practice for over 15 years. Our current owners, Ben and Paula Buffham took over in 2005 and Park Lane Orthodontics was reborn!

We’ve improved the design of the practice for staff and patients, making sure it adheres to safety and hygiene best practice as well as creating a relaxed and welcoming space for your treatment.

Thousands of people across Berkshire have been treated at Park Lane Orthodontics, with teeth straightening techniques that deliver consistently great results, helping people feel more confident about their smile. We’re proud of the life-changing effect our work has on our patients.

Finding the right professional to look after your smile can be daunting. However, you can trust our team to advise you and treat your teeth with a technique that’s right for you.

At Park Lane Orthodontics we offer :

In our latest Practice inspection in 2013 we also met all of the Care Quality Commission’s requirements for a clean, comfortable and confidential practice. You can read the inspection report here.