Adult Orthodontic Case Studies

Orthodontic Treatment Results

At Park Lane Orthodontics, we are incredibly proud of all of our case studies and the way we’ve helped our patients. Our patients are always blown away by their brand new smile after seeing their orthodontic treatment results. Whether we feel Invisalign is the best treatment, or another form of adult braces, we always discuss treatment plans with our patients during their consultation. We work with our patients to establish exactly what they’re looking for and which treatment is right for them.
View our adult orthodontic case studies below.

Case Study 1 - Collett, Reading

  • Before

  • After

Collett, a professional in her late twenties, came to see us as she was very concerned about her two second incisors. They were very crowded and trapped behind the other front teeth.

As both sets of teeth were quite protruded (leaning forward) already, we recommended extraction of four small premolar teeth near the back. Collett was happy with this treatment plan, helping to achieve the result she wanted. This made space for the front teeth to straighten without them being pushed even further forward.

As a result, the teeth were positioned correctly within the face for a lovely smile. Treatment was completed in just over a year and a half with cosmetic fixed braces.

“The result of the treatment is a dream come true and I can’t stop smiling. I can’t believe it’s me, I’m very very happy!”

Collett, Reading

Case Study 2 - Jenny, Reading

  • Before

  • After

Jenny, a professional in her late twenties, visited the team at Park Lane Orthodontics as she was getting married in a year’s time and wanted her smile to be perfect for her big day. Although she could’ve chosen fast orthodontic treatment, Jenny wanted to make sure she got the right, long-lasting result.

To give her the smile she wanted and still have some beautiful photos on her wedding day, we advised Jenny to choose the invisible lingual brace, Incognito, which is fitted behind the teeth and can’t be seen when you smile. It meant she could continue to wear the braces over a longer period and still have a sparkling smile when she got married.

“I was glad I chose to visit Park Lane Orthodontics. The team talked me through the options and introduced me to the Incognito braces. Whilst these are more of an investment, they were the most suitable for my lifestyle. If I had a problem, I was able to get an appointment to fit around work and because the team was so friendly and welcoming I was able to discuss any concerns easily.
I’m delighted with the results and wish I’d done it sooner, but I had straight teeth and a great smile for my wedding day. I definitely recommend Park Lane Orthodontics for anyone considering a brace.”

Jenny, Reading

Case Study 3 - Leanne, Reading

  • Before

  • After

Leanne, a mum and part-time worker in her mid-thirties, visited Park Lane Orthodontics after being unhappy with her teeth for several years. She didn’t like that her front teeth crossed over, and often tried to hide her teeth when she smiled.

After an initial consultation where Leanne explained she didn’t want the brace to look ‘obvious’, one of our specialists recommended a cosmetic brace. A cosmetic brace would correct her smile while blending in with the natural colour of her teeth. We extracted two teeth and fitted the brace to make sure all the teeth had enough room to move into the best position, giving Leanne a beautiful smile and much more confidence.

“A friend recommended I visit Park Lane Orthodontics, but at 35 I felt too old to have a brace. I plucked up the courage to make an appointment and on my first visit I was put at ease and everything was thoroughly explained. I knew then it was definitely the right thing to do. At every visit I was welcomed by the friendly staff and every step was explained by the orthodontist.

When I had the brace removed and looked in the mirror I saw lovely perfectly straight teeth, I actually cried with happiness. Having braces was the best thing I have ever done. I now feel happy, confident and can’t stop smiling.”

Leanne, Reading

Case Study 4 - Roger, Reading

  • Before

  • After

Roger, an optician’s manager in his early fifties, first came to Park Lane Orthodontics as he’d had a few difficulties with orthodontic treatments suggested by dentists and was ready to make a commitment to improve his smile.

As a customer-facing professional, and a keen musician in two bands, Roger wanted to make sure his smile looked great on and off stage. He felt self-conscious about his smile and was concerned he looked ‘moody’. To help him get the smile he wanted, our specialist orthodontist recommended discreet cosmetic fixed braces, which straightened and aligned his teeth while remaining unobtrusive. The result is a strong, straight smile and a boost in confidence.

“Having finally taken the plunge after a couple of false starts, I would recommend anyone to do likewise. I am delighted with the outcome – I cannot believe I left it so long! The difference is spectacular. Thanks to everyone at Park Lane Orthodontics!”

Roger, Reading