Adult Orthodontics Faqs

Are Braces Noticeable?

There are multiple brace options available for adults and it depends on which one you use. For example, Invisible or Invisalign® Braces are virtually invisible as the name suggests. Other types of braces such as Clear Braces are visible but patients report friends and family sometimes don’t even notice them. Hidden Braces or Lingual Braces are fitted behind the teeth and are also virtually impossible to see.

Will Braces Affect My Diet?

In the case of Invisalign® Braces it will not affect your diet as you can remove them while eating. If you have fitted braces such as traditional, clear or lingual then you’ll need to avoid hard and sticky foods. We will provide further advice on what you can and can’t eat at your first appointment.

How Hard Is It To Clean My Teeth While Wearing Braces?

You can remove Invisalign® braces while cleaning your teeth. For other fitted braces you can keep your teeth clean throughout treatment and we’ll provide detailed instructions and equipment to assist with teeth cleaning.

What Are Fixed Braces And How Do They Work?

Fixed braces are used to straighten your teeth. Brackets (metal or clear) are placed on the teeth, and metal wires are placed through these brackets to help move the teeth into the correct position. As the teeth move, stronger wires are used to help create the perfect smile.

Can I Have Fixed Braces As An Adult?

Fixed braces can be worn by all ages; however, some patients will not be suitable for a fixed brace. This will be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

Can Fixed Braces Affect My Speech?

You may find that after having your brace fitted that you have a slight lisp for a short time. This should subside within a few hours and your speech will return to normal.

Do I Still Need To See My Regular Dentist?

Yes, regular dental check-ups are required during your orthodontic treatment. It is recommended that you visit your general dentist once every 6 months.

What Happens If I Break Something On My Fixed Brace?

If you break something on your brace you should notify us immediately.