Smile Rapide

Smile Rapide is our own range of faster (“limited objectives”) orthodontic treatments available to adults at Park Lane Orthodontics, who don’t require a more comprehensive traditional orthodontic approach. This type of treatment is designed to primarily straighten your front teeth, improving the appearance of your smile in less time.


Smile Rapide braces typically take less than a year to straighten and align front teeth, and our patients often see real results in just a few months. The main treatment options are either cosmetic fixed braces, which are very discreet, or nearly invisible lingual braces, which are fitted behind the front teeth.

We’ll advise you on whether limited objectives orthodontics is right for you at your first appointment. Because we don’t need to send a mould of your teeth to a laboratory for the brace to be made, treatment can start straight away. This is unlike other limited objectives systems like ‘six month smiles’ or Inman Aligners.

Because there are no extra laboratory costs passed onto you, at Park Lane Orthodontics we can offer our Smile Rapide braces at a competitive and comparable price to similar types of limited objectives orthodontic treatment offered by your dentist. The benefit is our years of training and orthodontic experience at no extra cost.

To find out whether faster (limited objectives) orthodontics like Smile Rapide are right for you, arrange your consultation today.