Invisible braces

New developments in orthodontic technology mean wearing braces isn’t the conspicuous or uncomfortable experience it has been in the past. At Park Lane Orthodontics we offer a range of invisible braces which help align and straighten your teeth while being unobtrusive.


Why choose invisible braces?

  • Smile without other people seeing your braces
  • Suitable for image conscious professionals or if you have a customer/client facing role

For most of us, our appearance is important – especially our smile. Invisible braces mean you can smile with confidence, knowing your treatment is effective but without feeling self-conscious that other people will be able to see your brace.

Because orthodontic treatment can often take a year or more, invisible braces are an easy way to get the smile you want without it being obvious you’re wearing a brace.

Invisible brace options

At Park Lane Orthodontics we offer a number of invisible brace options. At your consultation, your specialist orthodontist will advise you on which option will be the most effective to get the result you want.

Get in touch today to book your first appointment and see if invisible braces are right for you.