At Park Lane Orthodontics, one of our invisible brace treatments is the Incognito brace system.

Why Incognito braces?

  • Practically invisible to others – your teeth will straighten as if by magic!
  • A custom-made brace suitable for more complex orthodontic treatments
  • Comfortable and easy to get used to

These braces are a fully customised, bespoke treatment which are individually designed and manufactured to help solve your personal orthodontic issue. Incognito braces are generally used for more complicated or longer treatments to make them as cost effective as possible.

As a lingual brace, Incognito braces are fitted behind the teeth making them unobtrusive and barely visible to other people. This also means there’s no risk of damage to the front tooth surface, keeping your smile looking brilliant throughout the treatment. Because they’re designed and made to fit your teeth, they can also be much more comfortable than other orthodontic treatments.

Importantly, with Incognito braces you’re likely to see visible straightening and alignment in only a short period of time, helping boost your confidence at the very start of your treatment.

Your specialist orthodontist will advise you whether Incognito braces are suitable for you at your consultation – enquire now or call us to arrange your first appointment.