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No Wizards or Witches are Needed!

No wizards or witches are needed, or magic and potions to cure! If your smile could be straighter, there’s no-one that’s greater at sorting that smile out for sure! Have you every just wished you could snap your fingers like Mary … Read more >

Rising star Zara Larsson chooses Clear Fixed Braces

You will have heard the name Zara Larson increasingly at the start of 2017 and into this summer. She has become instantly recognisable not just because of huge hits such as Lush Life and Never Forget You but for her clear … Read more >

Park Lane’s selection of braces treatments all listed in a single blog……

Are you considering undergoing orthodontic treatment but aren’t sure of your options? Below is a round-up of the braces treatments we offer at Park Lane, so you can compare and examine which might best suit you and read about the … Read more >

Age is just a number

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. It doesn’t limit what you can achieve. Just look at Helen Mirren (72), Al Pacino (77), Maggie Smith(82), Clint Eastwood (87) and Judy Dench (82). Arguably these actors are delivering some of their best performances … Read more >

Common questions from our patients – is yours on the list?

Orthodontics can be a baffling subject with a lot of complex language and context that can sometimes feel like jargon to a layman! So we’ve put together some common questions asked by patients to help you understand a little more about … Read more >

Back to school – orthodontic mouthguards for your child

It’s that time of year again – not long until children in secondary and primary schools head back to the classroom for Autumn term, and with Autumn term comes the return of certain contact and non-contact sports that require a … Read more >

Do I need clear fixed braces?

Clear fixed brace offer alignment and straightening benefits coupled with an amazing discreet design. Simply realigning your teeth can make a huge difference to your smile – listen to Park Lane’s Ben Buffham talk about patient treatments with before and … Read more >

Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth

Invisalign uses gentle movements to shift your teeth into a desired position.  Invisalign aligners are custom made. You will be invited to attend a free Invisalign assessment where your eligibility for the treatment will be assessed. If you decide to … Read more >

Why choose to have orthodontic treatment?

In addition to causing a variety of orthodontic and dental hygiene complications, a crooked smile can be emotionally stressful. Here, we look at some of the reasons why seeking treatment could be life-changing….  A stronger bite – Ill-positioned teeth cause a poor … Read more >

Lingual & 2D braces – the info you need to know

Lingual braces, such as Incognito, have changed the face of orthodontics, offering an ‘invisible’ design coupled with a high standard of orthodontic techniques to straighten teeth.  CAD/CAM technology was not used to construct lingual braces until the later stages of their … Read more >