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What’s so special about a specialist orthodontist?

Many patients don’t know the difference between a specialist orthodontist and a dentist who offers orthodontic (tooth straightening) treatment. I suppose the real question is does it matter who straightens your teeth?   What is a specialist orthodontist? A specialist … Read more >

Do I really have to have teeth out for braces!

  The goal of any orthodontic treatment is to make someone’s smile better. If given the choice no patient would want to have teeth removed in order to get this. Let’s be honest we have all heard horror stories about … Read more >

What is the real cost of Braces?

When prospective patients call up the practice usually one of the first questions we get is how much does it cost? The answer to that is unfortunately not that easy. With many options for treatment available and different requirements for … Read more >

Mythbusting braces!

  In this blog will look at 5 common myths about braces and bust them! Myth #1 Braces are just for children So we can bust this myth!   Myth #2 Braces hurt all the time The good news is … Read more >

Is there a faster way to straight teeth?

  Everyone wants their teeth to be straightened as fast as possible. There are many products available now that advertise they can straighten your teeth in 6 months or less (faster than regular braces) and you don’t need an orthodontist … Read more >

How do the different components of a brace work together to straighten your teeth?

A brace is a complex appliance where many different components are at work to guide your teeth into a desired position. Read about how these components come together below….. Brackets – brackets are small pieces of ceramic or metal that … Read more >

The dog ate my retainers!

There are many reasons why patients stop wearing their retainers – We lose them, stop wearing them because they get old or stop fitting and obviously dogs and retainers definitely don’t mix! At recently as 10 years ago, many orthodontists … Read more >

Orthodontics and self-esteem

In 2018, the role of orthodontic treatment extends beyond realigning teeth and improving your bite and plays a huge part in restoring confidence and emotional wellbeing, especially in an image-conscious society. The shift in people’s motivation to undergo treatment is … Read more >

Adults – Why bother with braces?

As many more adults are having their teeth straightened, a question that they are often asked by friends and family is “why bother?” Why bother with braces? For some people it may seem a natural question to ask, we all … Read more >

Journey to a new smile: Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teenagers – even high-profile celebrities are joining the bandwagon. Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden is among the list of stars who have undergone orthodontic treatment, choosing Invisalign clear braces for some moderate … Read more >