Benefits Private Treatment Child

What are the benefits of private treatment for my child?

The NHS is a wonderful institution. It’s concept is brilliant – free healthcare for everyone irrespective of age, sex, race and financial situation. Before the NHS came about, good healthcare for the “average man” was only available if you could afford it, so some went without or only used it if they were at “death’s door”.

For the last 20 years, the availability of brace treatment for children and adolescents has increased. This has meant more patients have been able to benefit from tooth straightening and correction of goofy teeth, which in turn has had a profound positive effect on their confidence.

With the increase in demand for the service and relative reduction in the budget to provide this, the profession has seen a marked increase in waiting time for assessment and treatment under the NHS. Whilst this is not necessarily a big issue for many patients, for some having the treatment at the most appropriate time is really important. Missing that crucial time could make their treatment more complicated. Whilst the draw of free orthodontic treatment is attractive to many parents (goodness knows raising children is an investment these days), it does come with some downsides.

Top 5 grumbles we hear from parents who have had their child’s brace treatment carried out under the NHS:

1. Waiting Lists – up to 2 years before my child can have treatment

2. Always run late for appointments – kept waiting up to 1 hour to be seen

3. Feel like we’re on conveyor belt – treated like a number

4. Can’t get appointments for 12 weeks or more – it’s a problem changing and booking appointments

5. Don’t feel like we have enough time or communication with the orthodontist – don’t know what is happening

All these 5 grumbles are a symptom of too many patients in the system, and not enough resources available within the NHS budget (orthodontic treatment is given less priority and funding than general dental treatment or medical treatments) . In the recent negotiations for Orthodontic contracts in some areas the budget has been cut by up to 30% which is going to make these issues potentially worse.

What we offer:

At Park Lane Orthodontics we believe that time is the most important thing we can give you and your child. We understand that information is valuable and that when you know that treatment is needed, getting those important questions answered and reassurance given goes a long way. We all have busy lives and want to get on with the important stuff, waiting for things to happen or get started is frustrating.

No waiting lists – if you need an opinion/consultation or treatment we can offer this to you usually within a matter of weeks – if your child is ready to start treatment so are we

Running on time – in the last 3 months the average wait to be called into an appointment was less than 5 minutes

You are special to us – friendly, caring and personal service to our patients. We have a pleasant, relaxing patient lounge with complimentary drinks service provided by our first class team.

Appointment availability – we make every effort to accommodate appointments to fit around your needs. Our patient advisors are often complimented on the efforts they go to for our patients

Communication – With relaxed appointments, we allow enough time to keep you informed and involved in your child’s treatment so you feel reassured that they are in good hands

In addition we have free onsite parking, patient WiFi service and complimentary sundry items

AND consultations are only £97 (usually £175) for parents who book their child’s assessment for the first 2 weeks of January (subject to availability, patient must be aged 11-17 years and live in Tilehurst, Calcot, Theale, Pangbourne, Purley on Thames or the neighbouring areas)

With treatment from only £80 per month, spreading the investment in your child’s smile couldn’t be easier

To arrange a consultation call Vicky on 0118 9411685 and quote “NEW YEAR SMILE” to qualify for this special offer.