The anatomy of the perfect smile – what is perfection?

If you ask this question of Orthodontists around the world you may be surprised to hear that the answer can be quite different. In some countries “perfect” means everything is totally level at the tips of the teeth (this is … Read more >

So you can’t have Invisalign – what are your next steps!

If you had your heart set on Invisalign to straighten your teeth and have been told you are not suitable does that mean you have to kiss that dream of a lovely new smile goodbye for good? Not necessarily and … Read more >

What happens if you don’t straighten your teeth…

You’ll see many dental websites talking about the benefits of tooth straightening treatments but what happens if you decide to leave them as they are? Let’s talk about the long term effects of leaving your teeth crooked. I’m going to … Read more >

How to avoid costly mistakes with your tooth straightening treatment – part 3

In the previous 2 blogs we looked at the reasons why things can go wrong with your tooth straightening. In this final blog I will cover how to get things right the first time around and provide you with some … Read more >

How to avoid costly mistakes with your tooth straightening treatment – Part 2

In the last blog we started to look at why orthodontic treatment doesn’t always get the result the patient wants. In Part 2 we will look at the other reasons why things go wrong.   The wrong plan was made … Read more >

How to avoid costly mistakes with your tooth straightening treatment – Part 1

The journey through brace treatment should be relatively straightforward for most patients and everyone should be really happy with the final result when the treatment is done. However for some patients their journey is not so smooth and little doubts … Read more >

Hello September

Now September has come around again, holidays are well and truly over and school is back in session. Many of us are now looking forwards to the end of the year and starting afresh in 2019. September is a time … Read more >

The orthodontist will see you now…….

Many people still think that to see a specialist requires a referral – in the case of medical problems that is largely true but in Dentistry you don’t have to wait for your regular dentist to write a letter. We … Read more >

Is the end of the line for train-track braces?

We all know that technology progresses at a much faster rate these days. Buy a PC, TV or Laptop and 6 months later a newer, better version has come along. So does that mean the previous versions are now obsolete? … Read more >

It’s time to get ready for school!

As September approaches and Mums and Dads start getting in the supplies for the new term it’s a good time to talk about mouth guards for sport. If you’re lucky your son or daughter’s school offers custom made mouth guards … Read more >

Types of braces and their properties – Park Lane have something to suit everyone

Here at Park Lane we understand that each patient is different and has different priorities during the treatment period. For example, some patients wish for their smile to remain aesthetically unaltered throughout, some are keen for a short-term objectives option, … Read more >

Think you’re too old for braces? Think again

There was a time when brace options were limited in terms of both comfort and design, making orthodontic treatment unfavourable to adult patients in particular. Are there brace types that cater for the ‘modern adult’? The emergence of brace types … Read more >

Braces and self-esteem

Braces are used to correct aesthetic and structural problems with a person’s teeth and bite but equally importantly, they restore a patient’s confidence in their smile. The complicated relationship between braces and your confidence Crooked teeth can cause a person’s … Read more >

How braces can give your child more confidence later in life

The prospect of braces is not a popular one for children, for whom the treatment period can seem a lifetime – not to mention the extra brushing and absence of candy and sweets. However, orthodontic intervention at a young age … Read more >

Footballers with braces – World Cup feature

With the World Cup underway, we thought we’d take a look at some of the footballers who haven’t always had the perfect smile and sought to change this with orthodontic treatment. A report published last year found that more than … Read more >

5 things to consider when thinking about straightening your teeth

When it comes to getting your teeth straightened there are 5 things that you need to decide about your treatment. This will help you choose where to go, who to see and what brace to have. So here are my … Read more >

What’s so special about a specialist orthodontist?

Many patients don’t know the difference between a specialist orthodontist and a dentist who offers orthodontic (tooth straightening) treatment. I suppose the real question is does it matter who straightens your teeth?   What is a specialist orthodontist? A specialist … Read more >

Do I really have to have teeth out for braces!

  The goal of any orthodontic treatment is to make someone’s smile better. If given the choice no patient would want to have teeth removed in order to get this. Let’s be honest we have all heard horror stories about … Read more >

What is the real cost of Braces?

When prospective patients call up the practice usually one of the first questions we get is how much does it cost? The answer to that is unfortunately not that easy. With many options for treatment available and different requirements for … Read more >

Mythbusting braces!

  In this blog will look at 5 common myths about braces and bust them! Myth #1 Braces are just for children So we can bust this myth!   Myth #2 Braces hurt all the time The good news is … Read more >

Is there a faster way to straight teeth?

  Everyone wants their teeth to be straightened as fast as possible. There are many products available now that advertise they can straighten your teeth in 6 months or less (faster than regular braces) and you don’t need an orthodontist … Read more >

How do the different components of a brace work together to straighten your teeth?

A brace is a complex appliance where many different components are at work to guide your teeth into a desired position. Read about how these components come together below….. Brackets – brackets are small pieces of ceramic or metal that … Read more >

The dog ate my retainers!

There are many reasons why patients stop wearing their retainers – We lose them, stop wearing them because they get old or stop fitting and obviously dogs and retainers definitely don’t mix! At recently as 10 years ago, many orthodontists … Read more >

Orthodontics and self-esteem

In 2018, the role of orthodontic treatment extends beyond realigning teeth and improving your bite and plays a huge part in restoring confidence and emotional wellbeing, especially in an image-conscious society. The shift in people’s motivation to undergo treatment is … Read more >

Adults – Why bother with braces?

As many more adults are having their teeth straightened, a question that they are often asked by friends and family is “why bother?” Why bother with braces? For some people it may seem a natural question to ask, we all … Read more >

Journey to a new smile: Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teenagers – even high-profile celebrities are joining the bandwagon. Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden is among the list of stars who have undergone orthodontic treatment, choosing Invisalign clear braces for some moderate … Read more >

The most significant advancements in orthodontics to date

Advancements in orthodontics over the past 50 years have significantly changed what it means to have braces. The introduction of removable braces, digital impressions and cosmetic changes to the traditional metal brace have attracted an increasing number of adult patients … Read more >

Our selection of fixed braces here at Park Lane

Fixed braces no longer mean the clunky and sizable designs of the past, generally associated with children and young people. The fixed brace designs of today mean smaller brace hardware, improved comfort and better aesthetics, making them much more attractive … Read more >

Orthodontics: When should my child first attend?

Knowing when to arrange your child’s first orthodontist appointment can be a conundrum, so we thought we’d shed some light on how early intervention can benefit your child and when to bring them along.  Bringing your child along around their … Read more >

Short term orthodontics: get your smile summer-ready

Do you have a special occasion coming up this summer like a wedding or birthday and you want your smile to look its best? Don’t fret because with short-term limited objectives orthodontics, it’s possible to have the smile you want … Read more >

Frequently Asked Questions from our patients

You might find you are not alone in what you wish to know before starting a course of orthodontic treatment with us here at Park Lane! Below are some of the most common questions we are asked by patients here at … Read more >

How to do Easter with braces

It’s only a few days until Easter weekend and for fixed brace-wearers this can be a frustrating time; but don’t fret, as there are still tasty alternatives to the confectionary that can jeopardise your treatment – read on to find … Read more >

Invisalign: the popular braces treatment that celebrities love – but why?

Over the last 10 years, Invisalign has captured the attention of many celebrities, who have spoken very highly of their experience with the removable aligners. But why are they so popular? We take a look at some of the stars … Read more >

Treating Teenagers Teeth with plastic

  Will they wear it? One of the concerns that parents sometimes raise about the use of Invisalign in Teenagers is will they get what they pay for – not just in terms of the results achieved but how well … Read more >

Invisalign Teen

What is Invisalign Teen? Many of you will have heard of Invisalign but may not know that we can also use Invisalign for teenagers too. It is slightly different from the Adult version as there are added features specific for the … Read more >

What types of braces are available for my child at Park Lane?

Our team members here in Reading are experts in children’s orthodontal appliances and can offer your child the correct course of treatment, taking a range of factors into account. Take a look at our selection of children’s braces below.  Removable … Read more >

Incognito – the most invisible brace on the market

Here at Park Lane we offer lingual braces that sit on the tongue side of your teeth completely out of view from others – these are arguably the most aesthetic brace available to patients. What is the treatment process for … Read more >

Why orthodontic treatment is one of the best investments you can make

Your smile is one of the first things others will see and whether it be in a social or professional context, if you are unhappy with your smile your emotional wellbeing can take a knock. Poorly aligned teeth can be … Read more >

Wedding Planning – When’s the best time for braces?

Whilst that may seem a lost cause – we have treated many patients where we have to make a difference to their smiles in a short time span. There are a few options that can be considered and if you … Read more >

Wedding Stories – Meet the Parents!

Not all of of “wedding” clients are brides and grooms. We also get Mums and Dads seeking treatment prior to their Son or Daughter’s wedding, wanting to look their best for the day and those all important photos. I am … Read more >

Making a difference

  The time scale for the entire treatment exceeded the wedding date. This was a concern, that I would be getting hitched with a mouth full! Ben arranged for me to have my brace taken off before the wedding and … Read more >

Orthodontics: maintain a beautiful smile throughout your treatment

Did you know that it’s possible to have orthodontic treatment without your smile changing during the treatment period? Here at Park Lane we offer brace types such as lingual braces (the Incognito system), and 2D braces that sit on the … Read more >

5 things you can do to make your wedding day smile shine!

  1. Get your teeth shiny and clean! A visit to your dentist or hygienist will help make your mouth feel fresh and clean, remove any staining or tartar from your teeth and give you a great starting point to help … Read more >

Digital impressions – how they have changed the face of orthodontics

The discomfort associated with manual dental impressions is certainly an element that patients have never looked forward to, which is why the introduction of digital impressions has been such a significant milestone in the field.   Dental impressions are moulds … Read more >

Wedding Stories – Here Comes the Bride

One of the things that people say to us at the start of their treatment is they want the confidence to smile, especially in social events and photos. What could be more important than having that confidence on the day … Read more >

Why are removable braces so popular with adult patients?

Removable brace types have seen a surge in popularity over the past 20 years, especially with adults – but why? We explore why treatments such as Invisalign (which treated its 5 millionth patient in November of last year), continue to … Read more >

Love is in the air

We all need a little romance in our lives from time to time. February heralds the approaching spring and the wooing of potential partners in the animal world begins to start in earnest. Valentines Day is just around the corner, and … Read more >

Spring term for schools – orthodontic mouthguards

It’s a new year and with it comes spring term at primary and secondary schools. The change of term also brings a change of sports on the curriculum and some of these are contact sports such as rugby, hockey, squash … Read more >

Dont Be a Sloth!

Don’t be a sloth! Find out how to take the next step to a straighter smile.  I can’t tell you how many times we hear “I wish I’d done it years ago!” when we finish someone’s treatment. There always seems … Read more >

Top 5 reasons to choose Park Lane for your treatment in 2018

We welcome patients from all around Reading, Berkshire and further afield. If you’re thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment in 2018, we’d like to give you a few reasons why we should be top of your list…. We value the personal touch – … Read more >

New Year New You! Treat yourself to a new smile in 2018…..

A new year is always a time to think about the changes you want to make to your life to improve your overall wellbeing going forwards. We understand that orthodontic treatment can be a big investment in terms of time … Read more >

5 Reasons To Make You Smile in 2018!

It’s easy to feel a bit down in January. Christmas is been and gone and we’re hurtling onwards into 2018. Another year has gone by and all the things we’d thought about doing last year never materialised. We may have even … Read more >

5 things to know about orthodontics

Thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment? Here are a few useful things to know before you take a look at your options…     Boost your confidence  A crooked smile can have a huge impact on your confidence and leave you reluctant … Read more >

Invisible brace options for you at Park Lane

Want straighter teeth but with minimal changes to your smile throughout the treatment period? Our nearly invisible brace options could be the answer…. Until recent years, orthodontic treatment was rarely something associated with adults but with the emergence of nearly invisible or … Read more >

Can you put a price on trust?

  There are three types of purchasing we make as consumers: Search, Experience and Credence. “What does this have to do with Orthodontics?” I hear you ask. Let me explain. Search purchases are “products” – TV’s, Cars, Clothes etc. You … Read more >

How orthodontic treatment can change your life

The obvious benefit of orthodontic treatment is the aesthetic difference it can make to your smile. But it doesn’t stop there – orthodontic treatment can influence other aspects of your health and wellbeing – let’s explore some of these below…. Restore confidence … Read more >

The process behind getting braces

Thinking of getting braces but not sure what is involved regarding treatment? Here is a bit of information about the process behind the bespoke orthodontic treatment types that we offer….  All braces treatments involve an initial consultation with your orthodontist here … Read more >

Invisalign has treated over 5 million patients and counting…..

It’s no surprise that over 5 million people worldwide have opted for Invisalign treatment. Its reputation as a state-of-the-art and minimally-invasive treatment option along withtheir commitment to continuing research and development has made it renowned. Here are a few more … Read more >

You Don’t Have to Wait for Santa

  We all have a wish list of things we would love to have. Some of them are easy to do or buy, whilst others seem out of reach or you don’t feel you can spare the time. At this … Read more >

Fast orthodontic solutions to make you smile you at Park Lane

Are you seeking to improve your smile but don’t necessarily need complex orthodontic treatment? Limited Objectives treatment and Smile Rapide are short-term treatment options available at Park Lane here in Reading. These are popular with individuals who have a special occasion … Read more >

Orthodontic advice from us here at Park Lane…..

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s possible that you might experience some minor problems or discomfort with your brace. There are some scenarios where you will need to visit us in person, if the problem is severe but for … Read more >

What can orthodontic treatment do for you? Cosmetic and beyond….

The principal reason why people seek to have orthodontic treatment is because they would like a more aesthetic smile, but in turn, these aesthetic reasons can affect self confidence and self esteem.  Orthodontic dentistry is used to move a patient’s teeth into a healthy and … Read more >

There is another way

We don’t believe that good health care can be separated from good customer service. Getting dental work done is not on everyone’s list of nice things to do, and being made to feel like you’re just another body on a long … Read more >

Wearing braces as an adult

Times are changing – 1 in 5 patients receiving orthodontic treatment is now an adult and in the US the number of adults seeking braces increased by 37% between 1994 and 2004 according to the American Association of Orthodontists. There … Read more >

How to do Halloween if your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment

Halloween can be a challenging time, particularly if you or your child has braces and fancies that cheeky piece of candy. But it doesn’t have to be the spooky day from hell – below is some advice on how to … Read more >

Top 5 reasons to choose Incognito braces

As well as being virtually invisible to others, Incognito offers a myriad of other benefits to patients – read on to find out more.  What are Incognito braces? Incognito braces sit on the tongue side of your teeth, out of … Read more >

Adult orthodontics – it’s never too late to change your smile…..

Are you unhappy with your smile but feel you’re too old for orthodontic treatment? Undergoing orthodontic treatment at an older age is no longer considered unusual in 2017, in fact, today 20% of patients having treatment are adults! Our adults … Read more >

No Wizards or Witches are Needed!

No wizards or witches are needed, or magic and potions to cure! If your smile could be straighter, there’s no-one that’s greater at sorting that smile out for sure! Have you every just wished you could snap your fingers like Mary … Read more >

Rising star Zara Larsson chooses Clear Fixed Braces

You will have heard the name Zara Larson increasingly at the start of 2017 and into this summer. She has become instantly recognisable not just because of huge hits such as Lush Life and Never Forget You but for her clear … Read more >

Park Lane’s selection of braces treatments all listed in a single blog……

Are you considering undergoing orthodontic treatment but aren’t sure of your options? Below is a round-up of the braces treatments we offer at Park Lane, so you can compare and examine which might best suit you and read about the … Read more >

Age is just a number

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. It doesn’t limit what you can achieve. Just look at Helen Mirren (72), Al Pacino (77), Maggie Smith(82), Clint Eastwood (87) and Judy Dench (82). Arguably these actors are delivering some of their best performances … Read more >

Common questions from our patients – is yours on the list?

Orthodontics can be a baffling subject with a lot of complex language and context that can sometimes feel like jargon to a layman! So we’ve put together some common questions asked by patients to help you understand a little more about … Read more >

Back to school – orthodontic mouthguards for your child

It’s that time of year again – not long until children in secondary and primary schools head back to the classroom for Autumn term, and with Autumn term comes the return of certain contact and non-contact sports that require a … Read more >

Do I need clear fixed braces?

Clear fixed brace offer alignment and straightening benefits coupled with an amazing discreet design. Simply realigning your teeth can make a huge difference to your smile – listen to Park Lane’s Ben Buffham talk about patient treatments with before and … Read more >

Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth

Invisalign uses gentle movements to shift your teeth into a desired position.  Invisalign aligners are custom made. You will be invited to attend a free Invisalign assessment where your eligibility for the treatment will be assessed. If you decide to … Read more >

Why choose to have orthodontic treatment?

In addition to causing a variety of orthodontic and dental hygiene complications, a crooked smile can be emotionally stressful. Here, we look at some of the reasons why seeking treatment could be life-changing….  A stronger bite – Ill-positioned teeth cause a poor … Read more >

Lingual & 2D braces – the info you need to know

Lingual braces, such as Incognito, have changed the face of orthodontics, offering an ‘invisible’ design coupled with a high standard of orthodontic techniques to straighten teeth.  CAD/CAM technology was not used to construct lingual braces until the later stages of their … Read more >

Traditional fixed brace types still a top treatment choice after 250 years….

The first modern brace models date back to 1728 when French orthodontist Pierre Fauchard published a book named ‘The Surgeon Dentist’ and is considered the first modern orthodontist in history.   After all these years and despite other brace types … Read more >

Meet the Park Lane team….

Here at Park Lane, we like to make you feel in safe hands. Our dedicated and talented staff have extensive experience in their individual fields – meet them below!    Mr Ben R J Buffham Specialist Orthodontist BDS (UK), MFDS … Read more >

What are 2D braces? 

2D braces are available at Park Lane and have helped many patients in and around the Reading area correct orthodontic issues.   2D braces are a smaller version of a lingual brace and one of the most comfortable and cost-effective … Read more >

How can Smile Rapide benefit you? 

The clue is in the name here – Smile Rapide is Park Lane’s own range of fast-acting orthodontic treatment options. Smile Rapide is available to adults and is a cosmetic-centred treatment designed for those who do not need or want … Read more >

Are there good and bad foods for your teeth when you’re wearing braces? 

The answer is most certainly yes!     What can I eat? You should try and avoid hard and chewy foods that can potentially become stuck in the brackets (or even damage) the brackets of your brace. If you do … Read more >

Children’s orthodontics 

Our orthodontists here at Park Lane have comprehensive and diverse experience in children’s orthodontics. Our team pride themselves on being patient and understanding with nervous young patients (and indeed with adults!), making them feel welcome and at ease. Better still, there … Read more >

Custom-made mouthguards for children 

In the UK, it is estimated that 25% of children will injure or lose a front tooth, so investing in a good protective sports mouthguard is essential in preventing this, as well as saving the cost and distress of having to … Read more >

In 2017, braces aren’t just for kids anymore…

A couple of decades ago, the general consensus was that braces are associated with children and teens, not adults. Today, 1 in 5 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is an adult. In the past, adults have been put off by braces altering … Read more >

What kind of brace types do we offer at Park Lane? 

Orthodontic treatment can be life-changing in a number of ways, offering patients cosmetic benefits as well as a healthier mouth. Here are the brace treatments we offer here at Park Lane and the best bits about each….    Clear Fixed … Read more >

The process behind getting clear fixed (ceramic) braces & benefits

Ceramic braces (also known as clear fixed braces) combine the best parts of ‘invisible’ brace technology and aligning quality of traditional metal braces. This option uses the same gentle and effective pressure as traditional metal braces to straighten teeth in … Read more >

Lingual braces – the benefits 

Lingual braces are a discrete tooth straightening treatment that is fitted to the tongue side of the teeth. Discreet – as they sit on the tongue side of your teeth, they are virtually invisible to others – you are the only person … Read more >

Celebrities and their braces

Last year Park Lane published a blog about celebrities who had undergone Invisalign treatment and here we elaborate a little on the other brace types that celebrities have rocked on the red carpet and beyond…. Zara Larson (Clear Fixed Braces) … Read more >

Short Term orthodontics – the benefits and options 

What is Smile Rapide? Smile Rapide is Park Lane’s own range of fast-acting orthodontic treatments available to adults at Park Lane. This type of treatment is favoured by those wishing to look their best for an event such as a … Read more >

Orthodontic treatment means nothing if you don’t wear your retainer…

When you have orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will always instruct you to wear a removable retainer after treatment is complete. This is so that your teeth do not drift back into their original position. There are different approaches to retainers … Read more >

5 Popular questions from our patients at Park Lane

Here at Park Lane we treat many patients of all ages for different orthodontic issues and receive all manner of questions. There are common questions that we receive consistently – some of these are below…. Q. How long does treatment … Read more >

Your child and orthodontic treatment

Braces may no longer just for children – in fact, 1 in 5 people seeking orthodontic treatment is an adult (since 2014), and they are more popular amongst teens but there are still some who don’t like the idea of … Read more >

Why get invisible braces? The advantages explained….

Do you need orthodontic treatment but you’re too anxious about the way your appearance might change? The stigma around traditional metal brace methods has indeed changed dramatically over the years, with more and more people opting for visible fixed brace … Read more >

Why get Invisalign aligners? 

Are you thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment but anxious about your appearance during treatment? Invisalign aligners are clear aligners that go virtually unnoticed by others and boast several other advantages over traditional metal brace designs. Benefits of Invisalign braces • … Read more >

What will braces do for my health? 

Many patients overlook the health benefits that braces can bring, thinking only of the aesthetic advantages. However can solve more than simply misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth often leads to unnecessary gaps in your teeth. Overtime unwanted bacteria can collect in these … Read more >

New Year New You! Why get orthodontic treatment this year? 

Orthodontic treatment can change lives in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’re self conscious about the way your teeth look or you’re concerned about the health implications of having misaligned teeth? Seeking orthodontic treatment could be the most valuable thing … Read more >

Why choose ‘barely there’ clear fixed braces? 

Fixed metal braces do not have to mean conspicuous. Clear fixed braces offer you all the quality of metal braces coupled with a discreet look.  They are also more effective in resolving severe bite and crowd problems. Clear braces hardware … Read more >

What types of braces treatment are available to you at Park Lane in 2017

It’s nearing the end of 2016 and perhaps you’re thinking about new year’s resolutions and changes you can make going into the new year. We have many patients approach us during this time considering their options regarding straightening their teeth. … Read more >

How to do Christmas and Thanksgiving with braces

Does your braces treatment period run into the Christmas period? Don’t fret, because we know a few Christmas foods that won’t disrupt your treatment…. Turkey Containing a multitude of healthy minerals, turkey is good for your teeth and body alike. … Read more >

Children’s Orthodontics – Types of Braces

Here at Park Lane, we offer a range of brace types for children. Take a look at some of the options below…   Removable plastic braces For children aged between 9-12, early orthodontic treatment with removable plastic braces may be … Read more >

Eligibility for orthodontic treatment

Did you know that since 2010, 1 in 5 adults undergoing orthodontic treatment is now an adult? The types of braces available are more diverse than ever before and bespoke treatments make treatment easier than ever. Will crowns and bridges prevent … Read more >

Incognito (Lingual braces) – a fixed, invisible solution

Lingual braces provide a high quality treatment and bring huge cosmetic benefits. Like traditional metal braces, they are a fixed appliance but the key difference is that they are ‘invisible’ to others as they sit on the inside surface of … Read more >

Our guide to looking after your lingual braces

So, you’ve just had your lingual brace fitted and you can leave it to work its magic for the next few months…..BUT – you the patient will need to play your part too, as by maintaining your brace, you are … Read more >

The importance of wearing a retainer post orthodontic treatment

So you’ve undergone orthodontic treatment for quite a few months and you’re finally ready to get your braces off – but the treatment doesn’t end there. Once they have had their braces off, many patients consider their treatment to be … Read more >

Park Lane Patient Interview

This patient chose to have clear fixed braces and agreed to speak to us about her experience of orthodontic treatment at Park Lane and how it has changed her life. *Note that ‘Q’ is questioner and ‘A’ is the patient. … Read more >

Foods to Avoid When Having Braces Treatment

Foods to avoid when wearing braces Sticky caramel or toffee – this type of confectionary will inevitably become stuck in the components of your brace and make you more susceptible to tooth decay and bacteria. Hard sweets – these will … Read more >

Looking after fixed braces

Fixed braces are worn permanently throughout treatment and are made up of archwires and brackets. Gentle force is applied overtime to gradually move the patient’s teeth into a desired position. Treatment time is between an average of 18-24 months and … Read more >

Back to School – orthodontic mouthguards for your child….

Autumn school term is upon us and so are contact sports! During Autumn and Winter term your children will be participating in contact sports such as hockey and rugby, which are a great way to exercise. However, without the correct … Read more >

What treatment options are there for my child? 

The team at Park Lane Orthodontics are experts across a range of children’s orthodontic treatments. Take a look at the options below to find out about the bespoke treatments we offer. Removable plastic braces Early orthodontic treatment can be introduced if your … Read more >

Orthodontic advice – looking after your appliance

Caring for fixed braces Your mouth may feel slightly tender for a few days after you’ve been fitted with braces and the wire changes may also present mild to moderate pain. Patients don’t generally find this kind of tenderness an … Read more >

An Interview with Park Lane co-owner Ben Buffham….

Catching up with co-owner of Park Lane Orthodontics Ben Buffham to ask him what makes him most proud about working at the practice, what he finds most satisfying about his profession and his opinion on the recent developments in orthodontics…. … Read more >

2D braces at Park Lane

Our 2D brace system is a comfortable and cost effective solution for straightening teeth.   What are 2D braces? 2D braces are a type of lingual brace, which means they are fitted on the inside of your teeth (the tongue … Read more >

How to look after your Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners are clear and removable teeth straightening appliances made from thermoplastic material. Invisalign is a custom treatment. Your dentist here at Park Lane will take impressions of your teeth, so that your aligners are a perfect fit for your … Read more >

The story of Park Lane….

Park Lane has been an orthodontic practice for the last 15 years and in 2005, Ben and Paula Buffham took over the practice and Park Lane was born again! With many years of combined experience, Ben and Paula have worked … Read more >

Orthodontics – FAQ 

If you’re thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment, you may want to read our list of frequently asked questions….   Q. What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist? A. Orthodontists have specialist training, in addition to the training … Read more >

Park Lane – pros & cons: Invisalign vs fixed braces

Fixed metal braces and Invisalign treatment both carry many different benefits and one may suit one patient and not another. Here, we outline the differences and advantages of each treatment. Invisalign Firstly, what is Invisalign? A set of custom made clear, … Read more >

Your child’s bite – Do we need to treat them?

There are a few different bite issues that can develop as your child grows, and some are more important than others. Parent’s are more likely to notice teeth that are sticking out or are crooked but they may not be … Read more >

Digital Dentistry and orthodontics

Developments in technology have revolutionised the world of dentistry and orthodontics, notably over the past few decades. Both patient and orthodontist/dentist have seen huge benefits regarding workflow and treatment amongst other factors, facilitating procedures and projections. One such recent addition here … Read more >

How do braces work and why are they important?

Let’s face it, orthodontics (teeth straightening), can be a pretty dry field to read or talk about! It can be a challenge to make people understand the importance of having a straight smile and appreciate the self-confidence and happiness this … Read more >

Fast treatments to straighten my teeth

Many people associate orthodontic treatment with lengthy amounts of time… However, with the technology and advancements of the last few decades, it’s easier than ever to get the straighter smile you’ve been dreaming of.   Smile Rapide at Park Lane  … Read more >

The Benefits of Orthodontics

If you’re on the fence about pursuing orthodontic treatment, then hopefully this blog can persuade you otherwise. Straightening your teeth could be one of the best things you ever do. Not only are there aesthetic benefits, but also health benefits … Read more >

Our range of ‘Invisible Braces’ at Park Lane

‘Invisible’ braces and aligners are becoming increasingly popular with adults and teens due to their discreet nature, comfort and practicality. Here are the ‘invisible’ treatment options that we offer at Park Lane….   Invisalign Invisalign are a versatile type of … Read more >

Custom Made Mouthguards

Certain contact sports like rugby, martial arts and ice and field hockey are amongst a few sports that make you and your children susceptible to tooth and jaw damage. Custom made mouthguards are made by orthodontists to protect your teeth. … Read more >

Ceramic Braces – The Lowdown…

What are Ceramic Braces ? Ceramic braces, are widely deemed the best fixed aesthetic brace on the market. Their crystal-clear appearance is due to the patented sapphire material they’re made of. If you’re anxious about seeking orthodontic treatment to straighten … Read more >

What are Lingual Braces?

What are lingual braces? Lingual braces are one of several ‘invisible’ alternative treatments to traditional braces. From an aesthetic point of view, lingual braces are a top choice. If you’re self-conscious about undergoing braces treatment, don’t fret, as this type … Read more >

Worst/BestTop 5 Foods/Drinks For Your Teeth

There are many foods and drinks that are notoriously not good for our teeth, causing tooth decay and cavities because of their high sugar content. However, amongst these are some less well-known demons including the following… Worst: Sports/energy drinks – The … Read more >

Children’s Orthodontics

At Park Lane, we understand that your child’s first orthodontic appointment can be overwhelming. Our friendly team of orthodontists will do everything to make sure your child is comfortable and at ease, though it is very normal to experience some … Read more >

What ‘Is’ Orthodontics?

The world behind orthodontics is a complex one! It’s no surprise why, when those who choose it as a profession are required to complete an additional 2 years to regular dentists. Contrary to what many may believe, orthodontics is not … Read more >

A Step by Step Guide to Orthodontics

It can be daunting stepping onto an unknown orthodontic route. You may not be aware of the process of getting braces and it can be worrying even considering it as an option. Here we show you a brief step by … Read more >

The Different Types of Orthodontic Braces

There are many different options available on the market, so you need to ensure you choose the right orthodontic treatment that’s best for you. Here we outline some of the various different treatments and how they can effectively straighten your … Read more >

What You Must Know About Orthodontics

Many of us underwent orthodontic treatment when we were growing up, or now wish that we had had the opportunity. It is not too late to make the decision to obtain the straighter smile you have always desired. Here we break … Read more >

7 Celebrities Who Have Had Invisalign Treatment

Many people feel that they are too old to undergo orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles later on in life. But thanks to advance cosmetic dentistry such as Invisalign, a lot of people now have the option to straighten their … Read more >

How a Trip to the Dentist Could Save Your Life

Regular dental appointments are not only necessary to clean and protect your mouth from cavities and gum disease, but they can also help to diagnose more serious health conditions. During a consultation, your dentist will not only be examining your … Read more >

Choosing An Orthodontist

With more and more orthodontist and dental practices popping up all over the UK, identifying the best one might seem intimidating. Obviously the first attribute to look for is the quality of the dental care, but there are many important … Read more >

Orthodontics Terminology for the layman!

    Arch wire – Metal piece of wire attached to your brackets so that you can move your teeth.   Apex – The bottom of the root of a tooth.   Appliance – An appliance refers to an apparatus … Read more >

Life With Braces

  Frequently asked questions about life with braces….   How long will I be wearing my brace?  Probably not the answer you were hoping for but – it really does depend! Firstly, one main factor is whether you’re wearing fixed … Read more >

How To Help Your Child Adapt To Braces

‘Mummy, I want braces’ is actually a more frequently uttered phrase than you may think – what’s ‘cool’ in school never necessarily correlates to what’s practical! However, it’s also common for those children who need braces to fear the prospect. … Read more >

The Truth About Caffeine

Caffeine. You can probably name items that this substance is found in: tea, coffee, cola – the list goes on. You also probably associate it with an energy pick-me-up and don’t consider it one of the healthiest aspects of your … Read more >

Personal Goals and Motivation

The end of January is often the point at which the success of a New Year’s Resolution is measured. This measurement is gauged by asking ‘have you managed to keep up your resolution?’ The implication is that if you have … Read more >

Dairy and Teeth

‘You need calcium for strong teeth and bones.’ ‘Drink your milk; it’s good for you.’ That dairy products are regularly viewed as ‘good for’ your teeth isn’t news. However, recent dietary trends sometimes advise cutting down on dairy. So, are … Read more >

Celebrity Smiles and Common Mistakes

Recently, a survey by polled people on which celebrities had the best smiles. Topping the list for the ‘best smile’ were Christie Brinkley and Denzel Washington. What do their teeth have in common? Both are gleaming white. So what … Read more >

New Year

As 2016 approaches, many of you may be thinking about making a new year’s resolution. For some of you, this may include a new approach to the way you think about or treat your teeth. So what are some of … Read more >

Brace yourself: How to look after your braces and teeth this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time to indulge in your favourite food and drink. But don’t panic. If you’ve got a brace on or if you’re taking particular care of your oral health, you needn’t deprive yourself … Read more >

Soft Drinks and Teeth

Carbonated or ‘soft’ drinks seem to be a massive part of everyday life nowadays. Some chain restaurants offer refillable options, nearly all restaurants offer them as a choice. They form part of the supermarket lunchtime meal deals… It seems just … Read more >

Braces and Timings

‘Do I need a brace? Should I get a brace?’ Opting for orthodontic intervention can seem a big decision. However, with over 200,000 children and adults having orthodontic treatment last year, more and more are making the decision to go … Read more >

Christmas Dinner

There’s a certain set of foods that many of us expect to see on the table on the 25th December. Actually, there’s a certain set of foods that many of us expect to see throughout the entirety of December. Eggnog, … Read more >

The Truth about Plaque

What is plaque and why should you care? It’s one of the words that gets bandied about on TV adverts for toothpaste, mouthwash and etcetera but can you actually define it? Most of us have a vague sense that it’s … Read more >

Crowns & Bridges and What They Mean For Your Orthodontic Treatment

Crowns and bridges are used frequently nowadays. Generally, their purposes are to either cover the tooth, strengthen it or improve its appearance. This type of dental restoration is especially popular among adults and many people are likely to need one … Read more >

Christmas Parties and their risks

December: the month of Christmas parties. The halls are decked with holly, all weekends are booked up and every event seems an opportunity to celebrate the festive season. However, this time of year isn’t necessarily one where oral hygiene is … Read more >

Winter Health Tips for Your Mouth

As the days get shorter and the temperature colder, we’re all starting to feel a winter chill. But did you know that your teeth can also be affected by the weather? The cold air may stimulate the nerves within your … Read more >

Short-Term Braces

When investigating the possibility of braces, one major concern which patients regularly voice is that of timing. While they want straight teeth and the benefits in confidence that come as a part of that straight appearance, they don’t want to … Read more >


As the spooky event approaches, it seems everyone is getting in on the act. Pretty much every shop has a Hallow’een display. Even your favourite confectionary probably has a Hallow’een version on sale right now. Even Reading’s getting in on … Read more >

Congratulations to Barbara Trafford!

Back in 2013, Barbara Trafford nee Kolanko, was recommended to us by her own dentist to talk about her concern with crowded teeth, a deep bite and prominent top teeth. She had initially seen a dentist to assess her teeth … Read more >

Foods That Help Your Teeth

Sometimes it seems as though there’s new and conflicting information about dietary choices every day. There was the Atkins diet, now there’s juicing… There are so many different plans being promoted everywhere we turn. However, these dietary plans often fail … Read more >

Could Pursuit of A Snow-White Smile Be Causing You Problems?

Tooth whitening has been one of the latest trends in modern dentistry. As dentistry has developed so that we can offer a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions, so tooth whitening products seem to be readily available for purchase pretty much … Read more >

Spotting Problems With Your Teeth

In this age of cosmetic dentistry, we regularly see a host of glittering white smiles whenever we look at photographs of a star-studded event. It’s easy to make comparisons and wonder about the quality of our own teeth. So, what … Read more >

Regrets and Your Teeth

A recent Reddit article asked those over the age of 50 to share what they most regretted in life. Responses ranged from career to relationship regrets but a common theme also turned out to be the way in which these … Read more >