Orthodontics may sound like it might not be a bundle of laughs to read about, but never fear – we’ve found some of the most unusual facts and info about braces and their history for you to get your teeth into…!

Retainers are just as important as braces

Many people jeopardise their orthodontic treatment by failing to wear their retainer once the brace-wearing period of treatment is over. Once your braces come off, without a retainer your teeth will immediately shift back into their original position. To ensure your hard work does not go to waste, put as much importance upon wearing your retainer as you would your brace. It is estimated that 25% of patients who wear braces have to have them again due to failing to wear their retainers!

NASA were originally responsible for creating the wires used for braces

NASA originally developed the nickel titanium alloy used to create the wires for braces – this same alloy was used by NASA in the space program. When used in an orthodontic context, the wires are activated by body heat and maintain their shape after being bent and attached to the teeth.

The desire for straight teeth goes right back to Ancient Egypt

The earliest brace types date back to the 1800s but the desire for a straight smile came much before this, during the times of Ancient Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered mummies with cords fashioned from animal intestines which were presumably used as archwires!

All orthodontists are dentists

All orthodontists are required to train as dentists but only 6% of dentists are orthodontists. Once graduating from dental school, an orthodontist must complete an additional 2 or 3 years of education in an orthodontic training program, plus they have to complete a masters degree in Orthodontics as well as a professional exam with one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons

Famous people are loving the new brace thing

Many older celebrities have sought to improve their bite and smile aesthetic including Tom Cruise who chose a cosmetic fixed brace and then Invisalign, Zara Larsson who went for clear fixed braces, and Miley Cyrus who opted for a traditional metal brace.

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