AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. It doesn’t limit what you can achieve. Just look at Helen Mirren (72), Al Pacino (77), Maggie Smith(82), Clint Eastwood (87) and Judy Dench (82).

Arguably these actors are delivering some of their best performances in their later careers – and all in the face of the pressure to look younger by society. You could say that they have the help of personal trainers, dieticians, doctors etc and what can us mere mortals do?

You don’t have to have the finest support team behind you. 83 year old marathon runner Kenneth Jones, who has run in every London Marathon for the last 36 years has kept up his running well into retirement and is such an inspiration he was asked to be one of the Olympic torch bearers for London 2012.

The wonderful Charles Eugster, a retired dentist who recently passed away in April 2017 at the age of 98,  took up body building at the age of 85 and not only won many medals for athletics but was also asked to do a TED talk about “why body building at the age of 93 is a great idea”.

So what are we trying to say? Both of these amazing men made a decision not to let ageing stop them do what they wanted to do. So why should you! Ageing is a fact of life, but we can chose to fight it tooth and nail. So I say yes – age is just a number, it doesn’t limit what you can achieve – even a straighter healthier smile! We have treated patients in their 60’s and 70’s and guess what – all of them have said ” I wish I had done it sooner!”.

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