• All you need to know about Invisalign Go

    All you need to know about Invisalign Go

    Choosing the right Invisalign treatment

    The clever folks at Invisalign are always investing in research and development to fine tune the way they can help different types of mis-aligned teeth. Currently there are five distinct Invisalign treatments; Full, i7, Lite, Teen and Go.
    In this blog, Park Lane Orthodontics is going to cover what all patients in Reading, Berkshire, looking for Invisalign, need to know.

    Invisalign Full Vs Other Invisalign Treatments

    The main difference between Invisalign Full and the Invisalign sub-sets like Lite and Go, is the length of treatment. Invisalign Go, for example, is a shorter treatment programme suitable for minor imperfections and simple cases. Invisalign Go uses fewer aligners, so treatment time can be as short as 4 months. The number of aligner trays used in an Invisalign programme like Go would never exceed 20. An orthodontic case using the full Invisalign programme would typically use between 30 and 50 separate aligner trays with treatment taking between 12-18 months.

    Advantages of Invisalign Full

    Disadvantages of Invisalign Full

    Advantages of Other Invisalign Treatments

    Disadvantages of Other Invisalign Treatments

    Invisalign Full Vs Other Invisalign Treatments: Which is better?

    All orthodontic treatment plans will have their advantages and disadvantages which is why it’s so important to have a full orthodontic consultation before deciding. At Park Lane Orthodontics we believe it makes sense to choose a specialist orthodontic practice for all orthodontic consultations so you get the very best specialist expertise to give you the right clinical advice when it comes to the best orthodontic treatment plan for you.
    This means many people won’t be a suitable candidate for Invisalign Go, Lite or other of the sub-sets of Invisalign Full. And in some cases, other orthodontic treatment options such as traditional fixed braces might be more suitable. If you’re wondering why you should choose an Orthodontic practice to have braces fitted, please watch our short video.
    If you’re prone to misplacing things or would struggle to wear your aligners for 22 hours per day, Invisalign might not be the right option for you.

    The Invisalign process

    At Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading, Berkshire, we offer a free Invisalign consultation. Once we have confirmed you’re eligible for treatment, we’ll take photos, X-rays and digital scan, or a dental impression, of your teeth. These records will be used to create a 3D treatment plan, just for you.
    The virtual 3D treatment plan shows on a screen the series of movements your teeth will go through over the course of the treatment. This allows you to see upfront what your teeth are expected to look like at the end of the treatment. Once we agree on the treatment plan, your custom-made, clear aligners are prepared. After being custom-made and shipped to us, you’ll receive a series of aligners to wear every day and change at home – on average every 1-2 weeks.  You wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and you’ll visit us around every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress, make adjustments and receive new aligners. After finishing your treatment plan, retainers will be required to maintain your new smile.

    Will I need to wear a retainer?

    At the end of any orthodontic treatment, it’s advisable to wear a retainer at night to keep your teeth in alignment. Without this important step, your teeth may gradually shift back to their original position and you may need further orthodontic treatment.

    Do I really need Invisalign?

    Every case is different, and Invisalign might not always be the best option for you. At Park Lane Orthodontics we offer a range of orthodontic treatment options to help you achieve a perfect smile. To explore your options for teeth straightening, we recommend you book an appointment at our orthodontic practice in Reading.

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