Are Lingual Braces Right For You?


So your teeth aren’t quite right. You look in the mirror and see misaligned or crooked teeth, you have gaps or some teeth that protrude out and others hidden or bent out of shape. There are brace options to fix every dental condition but one type in particular has been growing in popularity for some […]

Everything you need to know about Invisalign


The different types of Invisalign treatment The team at Invisalign is continuously investing in research to develop the ways they can correct variations of misaligned teeth. Currently, there are five different types of Invisalign treatments, including Full, i7, Lite, Teen and Go.Let our experienced clinicians talk you through everything you need to know about Invisalign, […]

At What Age Should Orthodontic Treatment Begin?


The benefits of early orthodontic treatment Most parents try to make sure their children follow the best oral hygiene regime possible, from as early as possible. Teaching your kids how and when to brush their teeth would rank highly in any top guide on how to parent well. But what if you notice signs such […]

What is Brace Wax For and Does It Work?


When you first get your fixed clear braces or your children’s fixed braces put on it can take some time to get used to. In the initial stages of orthodontic treatment there may be some discomfort when the wires start to pinch against the softer parts of your mouth and gums. It’s this reason we, […]

What are Lingual Braces?


Lingual Braces Vs Invisalign When children or teens need orthodontic treatment it’s usually a straightforward decision that is made by their parents. Children have their whole lives ahead of them and orthodontic treatment gives them the chance to live it with a beautiful smile. For adult patients, the decision tends to come with a lot […]

How to prepare your child for braces


If you stop to think about it, taking your child or teen to the orthodontist for their first appointment is the first step on a journey to perfectly straight teeth, a bright, attractive smile and self-confidence that may lead to a full, satisfying, social and work life that lasts a lifetime. That’s quite some gift […]

Am I too old for Orthodontics?


Do you ever wish you’d had orthodontic treatment as a child or teen? Do you sometimes struggle between thoughts of what it would be like to finally laugh and smile with complete abandon and what your friends and family would think if you had braces at your age!?! We regularly treat patients in their 40s, […]

Love to have straight teeth but worry about the cost of braces?


There’s no doubt the best thing about braces and having orthodontic treatment is the moment when a patient removes their braces for the final time. We never tire of seeing that brilliant, flashing, wide new smile and the look of sheer joy on our patient’s face. It’s this very moment that makes working in orthodontics […]

My child is grinding their teeth. What should I do?


It’s no fun hearing the sound of your child grinding their teeth and at Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading, Berkshire, we’re used to parents raising concerns about their kids teeth grinding so we thought it would be useful to blog about some of the frequently asked questions and concerns raised about children’s teeth grinding or, […]

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