The answer to this question is like the answer to that age old question “how long’s a piece of string?” As a general rule the simpler the problem the simpler the treatment is. The simpler the treatment the shorter the time it takes. So for a quick line up of the front teeth you may only need a brace for 6-12 months. Start adding correction of bite problems or very crowded teeth then you can add at least 12 months to that.

Why does it take time to straighten teeth?

The reason for that is we have to do things gently. This is so it’s not too uncomfortable for the patient and also to reduce any risks of side effects.

Why can’t we give accurate timescales?

We are dealing with the human body and all its little foibles! Plus we may come across problems that are not detectable at the start of treatment. It’s a bit like a builder estimating how long your extension will take (but with less cups of tea).

The main thing is to have a job well done and that will last long-term. Oh and you can have a cup of tea or coffee on us when you come for your treatment.


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