• The most significant advancements in orthodontics to date

    Advancements in orthodontics over the past 50 years have significantly changed what it means to have braces. The introduction of removable braces, digital impressions and cosmetic changes to the traditional metal brace have attracted an increasing number of adult patients and eliminated the stigma surrounding orthodontic treatment. 

    Itero scanner

    Gone are the days of uncomfortable alginate impressions. Park Lane have invested in an Itero scanner, which can take accurate digital impressions of your teeth; these are then used as the foundation for the design of your brace. The Itero scanner saves approximately 23-33 minutes per patient, reducing the overall chair time significantly.

    Tooth-coloured wires

    Clear fixed braces have become a popular option for patients who are looking for limited objectives orthodontic treatment, covering mild to moderate alignment, crowding, and bite issues. Their design is constantly evolving and one of the most recent advancements is the introduction of tooth-coloured wires, adding to their discreet design.

    Translucent brackets

    Once upon a time brackets could only be made of metal and patients did not have the option of a less conspicuous brace. However, since the development of translucent brackets, patients can now have fixed braces that incorporate a discreet design; these type of braces are also equipped with tooth-coloured wires, matched to your exact tooth shade.

    Removable brace types

    The most notable and popular removable brace is the Invisalign clear aligners system. Brought onto the market in 1997, it has now treated over 4 million patients worldwide. Invisalign has been particularly popular with adult patients, offering flexibility and cosmetic appeal and a higher level of comfort since there are no chunky brackets and wires involved. The medical grade thermoplastic used to create the aligners has been specially designed for the Invisalign system and each aligner is made to be 100% customised for each patient. Whilst fixed brace designs of the past demanded a high level of compromise where diet and dental hygiene are concerned, Invisalign works to fit around you, giving you the freedom to remove them for a 2-hour window each day in which to brush and eat.

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