When we gave up our NHS orthodontic contract earlier this year we decided it was time to rejuvenate the look and feel of the clinic to reflect the direction that the practice was evolving. Having previously designed and managed 2 refurbishments over the last 9 years, this time we enlisted the help of an interior design team, Koubou Interiors, to help us pull everything together.

For the refurbishment we really wanted to maintain the warm and inviting feel that we have always had, with better use of the space in the patient lounge. We also needed a second room for consultations (we like to do most of our consultations out of the surgery environment so it’s more comfortable for our new patients) so an existing office was relocated to allow this.

What was important to us was the use of colours and textures whilst keeping the scheme within the brand colours we already have well established. So after a thorough briefing with the design team, the ideas came together and over the past few months we have all worked hard to deliver the final results.

What we now have is a more comfortable lounge with extra seating, and features such as coloured glass panels and a ‘living wall’. We have updated the patient bathroom to include a baby changing table and a higher toilet to help less able bodied people to use it. Glass panels are a theme that carry through the whole space, making the front of house areas cohesive and flowing nicely into each other, and the whole look has been softened by the window dressings of blinds and fabric pelmets. We have also ‘colour matched’ in the surgeries so the theme is carried through into the clinical spaces.

What has been really lovely is the reaction our existing patients have given to us. Although many have commented that it was lovely before, they are really enjoying the extra seating, beautiful decor and free patient WiFi. The glass, blinds and fabric pelmets seem to be the biggest talking point! We have one piece of furniture to come, but other than that the transformation is complete and we are all excited about taking the good ship “Park Lane” on her journey to better and brighter things.

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