Firstly, what are Lingual braces? Lingual braces are fixed to the tongue side of the teeth, making them the most invisible type of brace available. They have the versatility to treat mild to complex orthodontic issues, including crowded teeth, overbites, and underbites.

Custom made to suit you

Custom made Lingual braces such as Incognito have brackets that are designed to fit each curve and contour on the back of each individual tooth, adding to their discreet design and making them a comfortable choice of brace. This shaping minimises any speech impediments, which disappear very quickly during the treatment process.

Lingual braces produce results early on

If you need a bit of encouragement with treatment, you’ll be pleased to know that lingual braces (like regular fixed braces) yield results early on along the treatment timeline. Many patients who are slightly anxious about the treatment time find this helps to keep them positive throughout.

The most discreet type of brace you can opt for

As they sit on the tongue side of the teeth, lingual braces are arguably the most aesthetic and discreet brace available, sitting totally out of view from others – your friends, family and colleagues may not even know you are undergoing treatment!

Your smile can still look great throughout the treatment period

If you are a client-facing professional with the responsibility of carrying out presentations and making a good first impression (especially in an image-conscious society!) lingual braces are a great choice, as your smile will remain unaltered throughout the treatment period.

Versatile brace

Lingual braces can tackle a range of issues including:

However, they are generally used for longer or more complex treatments, in order to make them as cost-effective as possible.

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