Invisalign launched a version for Teenagers a few years ago and we have seen more younger patients opting for this over fixed braces, especially if they are involved in dance, drama and playing musical instruments (such as woodwind and brass instruments where fixed braces could interfere with their playing).[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]

Will they wear it?

One of the concerns that parents sometimes raise about the use of Invisalign in Teenagers is will they get what they pay for – not just in terms of the results achieved but how well their son or daughter will wear them. After all its a reasonable investment for them so you can understand their concern. I think given the choice most parents like the idea of Invisalign but think that “Train-track” or fixed braces would be a better investment as they don’t rely on the said teenager to wear them enough.

In my experience, in all but a few teenagers, patients will get on well with whatever treatment they are provided, fixed or removable. It’s actually more about how much they want their teeth to be improved that drives how good their result is. So the question you really should ask your son or daughter is how much do they want their teeth to be straightened and what are they prepared to go through to get that result. Will they wear the aligners full time? Do they like how much their teeth stick out or will they wear elastics between your bottom and top teeth to correct that problem? We get teenagers in fixed braces who don’t quite get there because they don’t do all they need to with their braces to get the best result – so it’s not a guarantee!

Does using plastic to move teeth work?

Yes – it really does. If you plan the case properly and they are worn the number of hours a day they need to be worn then you can get a result as good as can be achieved with train-track braces. The video shows the before and after pictures of one of my Teen patients – and it’s definitely worked.

There are many orthodontists, like us, who use Invisalign Teen for treating their patients instead of train-track braces because the results are just as good and it’s easier for them to eat and keep their teeth clean plus the aligners more comfortable for them.

What if they lose them or damage them?

It’s inevitable that some Teenagers are hopeless when it comes to their stuff! They drop their phones, lose their school stuff and every time that happens it means more cost for you. Invisalign understand that Teenagers may need a little leeway so they will provide a number of replacements at no charge so it’s not a disaster if it happens.

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