Here at Park Lane we understand that each patient is different and has different priorities during the treatment period. For example, some patients wish for their smile to remain aesthetically unaltered throughout, some are keen for a short-term objectives option, and some look for a minimally-invasive treatment so as to not disrupt their day-to-day activities. 

Types of braces:


The Incognito brace is an excellent choice for those who prioritise the aesthetics of their smile. As it is placed on the tongue side of your teeth, the Incognito brace is totally out of the view of others and each bracket is carefully and individually placed to fit the curves and contours on the back of each tooth, adding to its discreet nature.

Clear fixed braces

Clear fixed braces are Park Lane’s own version of the Six Month Smiles system but offered at a competitive price. The system draws upon the same effective mechanics employed by traditional metal brace types and combines this with an aesthetic design incorporating translucent brackets and tooth-coloured wires. The braces can tackle mild to moderate cases and despite the shorter treatment time in comparison to conventional brace types, still use gentle force to guide teeth into their desired position.

2D braces

A smaller version, non customised of a lingual, the 2D brace is also placed on the tongue side of the teeth and therefore its components sit flatter against the back of the teeth, offering additional comfort. As there is no lab fee to pass onto patients it can be more affordable for patients than Incognito braces for milder alignment correction.


An increasingly popular treatment, Invisalign is particularly popular with older patients who are looking for a minimally-invasive brace that does not impact their day-to-day routine dramatically. As they’re removable and give patients 2 hours each day where they can remove them to brush and eat, they’re popular with those who wish for their diet to remain unaltered and who want a hassle-free time when cleaning their teeth.

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