In the field of dentistry there is always one aspect that is growing rapidly. Many years ago it was white fillings, then smile makeovers (veneers) and then it was implants. The current “trend” is adult orthodontics. More and more adults are seeking to improve their smiles as naturally as possible, after all isn’t it better to have your teeth in the right position and look straight, than to build them up with veneers or fillings.

So what are some of the orthodontic options available?
Dentist vs Specialist treatment, Short term orthodontics vs comprehensive treatment, Fixed braces vs aligners/removable braces, Braces fitted on the outside of the teeth braces fitted to the back of the teeth. The choice is mind boggling!

With so much marketing of the many teeth straightening options, it’s easy for prospective patients to get led down a path that seems to tick all of their boxes – “This product” is just what you need, to get you the result you want in the timeframes you have set. Unfortunately, the reality sometimes doesn’t match the hype, so here are my pearls of wisdom to try and untangle the mystery for you.

So orthodontic treatment is a combination of; the tools (or braces!) for straightening teeth, the knowledge, experience and skill of the person wielding them AND the customer journey and environment of the practice where you choose to undertake the treatment. So a bit of research on your part with a few opinions will help you make the right decision for you, after all you’re worth it aren’t you?


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