When you first get your fixed clear braces or your children’s fixed braces put on it can take some time to get used to. In the initial stages of orthodontic treatment there may be some discomfort when the wires start to pinch against the softer parts of your mouth and gums. It’s this reason we, your orthodontic team at Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading, recommend using brace wax to relieve any pain or mild discomfort.

Brace wax is the best product to use to when it comes to providing relief from any pain and soreness. Brace wax is also known as dental wax or orthodontic wax.

What is brace wax?

Brace or orthodontic wax has been specially designed to relieve pain caused by the rubbing of the brace appliance. The wax used is clear and made of non-toxic, natural substances, such as carnauba wax, beeswax paraffin wax or the clear silicone wax we use.

When applied it creates a barrier between the brace wires and your mouth. The wax acts as a contact-breaker between your braces and mouth and absorbs any friction caused when you speak or eat while wearing your braces. The wax barrier also provides extra time for any sores that have developed, to heal.

Why brace wax?

While you’re getting used to your braces, wax is simply the most effective, safe and natural way to help you in the initial stages of your orthodontic treatment. Dental or brace wax can be used to cover the sharper corners of your wires and also helps to bind together any parts of the brace that may loosen over time. Your braces get separated from your teeth via the layer formed by the orthodontic wax. It can be used as a temporary treatment for mouth sores until you get to see your Reading Orthodontist.

Applying and removing brace wax is simple so it’s suitable for both kids and adult orthodontics.

What is the correct way to apply brace wax?

Watch our video on how to apply wax to your fixed braces

How long should I keep brace wax in my mouth?

You shouldn’t keep orthodontic wax in your mouth for too long. We recommend replacing wax twice a day and replace it immediately if it’s coming off. Keeping orthodontic wax in your mouth for more than a day runs the risk of more food particles getting stuck on the surface of the wax which can attract bacteria that cause cavities to develop in your teeth.

Is it safe to sleep with brace wax in your mouth?

Brace wax is non-toxic so it’s perfectly safe to go to sleep with the wax on your braces.

At Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading we recommend using brace wax as a temporary solution to ease any early brace wear pain and prevent any further damage to your mouth and gums. We’re always here for our patients so we’d urge you to contact us at any if you’re experiencing discomfort from your braces.

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