• What types of braces treatment are available to you at Park Lane in 2017

    What types of braces treatment are available to you at Park Lane in 2017

    It’s nearing the end of 2016 and perhaps you’re thinking about new year’s resolutions and changes you can make going into the new year. We have many patients approach us during this time considering their options regarding straightening their teeth. Below are some of the treatments we offer and how they can benefit you going forward into the new year….


    Invisalign aligners have several benefits over traditional metal braces including the fact that they offer a discreet appearance, comfort and are a removable type of appliance. The hardware such as brackets and archwires are not as sharp as those associated with metal braces and therefore they are a more comfortable and non-invasive option

    Ceramic braces/clear fixed braces

    This type of brace is often considered to be the best aesthetic brace available. Their transparent finish makes them appear discreet and generally go unnoticed by others around you. As ceramic braces have an opaque finish, they do not have to match the colour of your natural teeth.

    Traditional metal braces

    Fixed metal braces remain a popular option despite the emergence of other evolving brace types. This is because they are still an effective method of straightening teeth. They are one of the most cost effective treatments and take slightly longer than some other orthodontic appliances. These are also a good choice for children, who can pick out coloured bands to make the braces look more appealing and often encourages them to be more enthusiastic about their treatment.

    Incognito (lingual) braces

    Lingual braces are custom made and therefore a perfect fit for your teeth – they’re also one of the most effective ways of straightening misaligned teeth. One of the main advantages of lingual braces other than their inconspicuous nature is the fact that there is no risk of damage to your front tooth surface and your smile can remain in tact throughout treatment. This is because lingual braces (otherwise known as Incognito), fit on the tongue side of your teeth, out of view.

    Results are visible very early on which we have found helps encourage patients with their treatment.

    If you would like more information about the selection of braces on offer here at Park Lane, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a consultation for you.