Adults – Why bother with braces?

Why bother with braces?   As many more adults are having their teeth straightened a question that they are often asked by friends and family is “why bother?” For some people it may seem a natural question to ask, we … Read more >

Journey to a new smile: Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teenagers – even high-profile celebrities are joining the bandwagon. Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden is among the list of stars who have undergone orthodontic treatment, choosing Invisalign clear braces for some moderate … Read more >

The most significant advancements in orthodontics to date

Advancements in orthodontics over the past 50 years have significantly changed what it means to have braces. The introduction of removable braces, digital impressions and cosmetic changes to the traditional metal brace have attracted an increasing number of adult patients … Read more >

Our selection of fixed braces here at Park Lane

Fixed braces no longer mean the clunky and sizable designs of the past, generally associated with children and young people. The fixed brace designs of today mean smaller brace hardware, improved comfort and better aesthetics, making them much more attractive … Read more >

Orthodontics: When should my child first attend?

Knowing when to arrange your child’s first orthodontist appointment can be a conundrum, so we thought we’d shed some light on how early intervention can benefit your child and when to bring them along.  Bringing your child along around their … Read more >

Short term orthodontics: get your smile summer-ready

Do you have a special occasion coming up this summer like a wedding or birthday and you want your smile to look its best? Don’t fret because with short-term limited objectives orthodontics, it’s possible to have the smile you want … Read more >

Frequently Asked Questions from our patients

You might find you are not alone in what you wish to know before starting a course of orthodontic treatment with us here at Park Lane! Below are some of the most common questions we are asked by patients here at … Read more >

How to do Easter with braces

It’s only a few days until Easter weekend and for fixed brace-wearers this can be a frustrating time; but don’t fret, as there are still tasty alternatives to the confectionary that can jeopardise your treatment – read on to find … Read more >

Invisalign: the popular braces treatment that celebrities love – but why?

Over the last 10 years, Invisalign has captured the attention of many celebrities, who have spoken very highly of their experience with the removable aligners. But why are they so popular? We take a look at some of the stars … Read more >

Treating Teenagers Teeth with plastic

  Will they wear it? One of the concerns that parents sometimes raise about the use of Invisalign in Teenagers is will they get what they pay for – not just in terms of the results achieved but how well … Read more >