The anatomy of the perfect smile – what is perfection?

If you ask this question of Orthodontists around the world you may be surprised to hear that the answer can be quite different. In some countries “perfect” means everything is totally level at the tips of the teeth (this is … Read more >

So you can’t have Invisalign – what are your next steps!

If you had your heart set on Invisalign to straighten your teeth and have been told you are not suitable does that mean you have to kiss that dream of a lovely new smile goodbye for good? Not necessarily and … Read more >

What happens if you don’t straighten your teeth…

You’ll see many dental websites talking about the benefits of tooth straightening treatments but what happens if you decide to leave them as they are? Let’s talk about the long term effects of leaving your teeth crooked. I’m going to … Read more >

How to avoid costly mistakes with your tooth straightening treatment – part 3

In the previous 2 blogs we looked at the reasons why things can go wrong with your tooth straightening. In this final blog I will cover how to get things right the first time around and provide you with some … Read more >

How to avoid costly mistakes with your tooth straightening treatment – Part 2

In the last blog we started to look at why orthodontic treatment doesn’t always get the result the patient wants. In Part 2 we will look at the other reasons why things go wrong.   The wrong plan was made … Read more >

Hello September

Now September has come around again, holidays are well and truly over and school is back in session. Many of us are now looking forwards to the end of the year and starting afresh in 2019. September is a time … Read more >

The orthodontist will see you now…….

Many people still think that to see a specialist requires a referral – in the case of medical problems that is largely true but in Dentistry you don’t have to wait for your regular dentist to write a letter. We … Read more >

Is the end of the line for train-track braces?

We all know that technology progresses at a much faster rate these days. Buy a PC, TV or Laptop and 6 months later a newer, better version has come along. So does that mean the previous versions are now obsolete? … Read more >

It’s time to get ready for school!

As September approaches and Mums and Dads start getting in the supplies for the new term it’s a good time to talk about mouth guards for sport. If you’re lucky your son or daughter’s school offers custom made mouth guards … Read more >

Types of braces and their properties – Park Lane have something to suit everyone

Here at Park Lane we understand that each patient is different and has different priorities during the treatment period. For example, some patients wish for their smile to remain aesthetically unaltered throughout, some are keen for a short-term objectives option, … Read more >