5 things you can do to make your wedding day smile shine!

  1. Get your teeth shiny and clean! A visit to your dentist or hygienist will help make your mouth feel fresh and clean, remove any staining or tartar from your teeth and give you a great starting point to help … Read more >

Digital impressions – how they have changed the face of orthodontics

The discomfort associated with manual dental impressions is certainly an element that patients have never looked forward to, which is why the introduction of digital impressions has been such a significant milestone in the field.   Dental impressions are moulds … Read more >

Wedding Stories – Here Comes the Bride

One of the things that people say to us at the start of their treatment is they want the confidence to smile, especially in social events and photos. What could be more important than having that confidence on the day … Read more >

Why are removable braces so popular with adult patients?

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Love is in the air

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Spring term for schools – orthodontic mouthguards

It’s a new year and with it comes spring term at primary and secondary schools. The change of term also brings a change of sports on the curriculum and some of these are contact sports such as rugby, hockey, squash … Read more >

Dont Be a Sloth!

Don’t be a sloth! Find out how to take the next step to a straighter smile.  I can’t tell you how many times we hear “I wish I’d done it years ago!” when we finish someone’s treatment. There always seems … Read more >

Top 5 reasons to choose Park Lane for your treatment in 2018

We welcome patients from all around Reading, Berkshire and further afield. If you’re thinking of undergoing orthodontic treatment in 2018, we’d like to give you a few reasons why we should be top of your list…. We value the personal touch – … Read more >

New Year New You! Treat yourself to a new smile in 2018…..

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5 Reasons To Make You Smile in 2018!

It’s easy to feel a bit down in January. Christmas is been and gone and we’re hurtling onwards into 2018. Another year has gone by and all the things we’d thought about doing last year never materialised. We may have even … Read more >