Child Orthodontic Case Studies

Testimonials and Feedback

Our team at Park Lane Orthodontics have had the pleasure of helping lots of children over the years achieve their dream smile. Using advanced, comfortable orthodontic treatments, we’re able to transform children’s smiles and confidence. The child orthodontic case studies below are just some of the positive feedback we have got from our patients and their parents.

Check out our child orthodontic feedback and testimonials below:

Case Study 1 - Alex (age 15), Actor, Reading

  • Before

  • After

Alex came to Park Lane Orthodontics because he felt self-conscious about his protruding front teeth. As an aspiring actor, he wanted to feel completely confident in his appearance, so looked to us for advice. One of our specialist orthodontists recommend Alex be treated with fixed braces, which straightened and widened his smile, without the need to extract any teeth.

“As an actor, my appearance and confidence are two very important factors to consider and having wonky teeth certainly affected both of those. After having braces, however, I can now walk into any audition room with a dazzling smile and loads of confidence. Thank you very much.

”Alex (age 15), Actor, Reading

Case Study 2 - Holly (age 16), Student, Oxfordshire

  • Before

  • After

Holly visited Park Lane Orthodontics as she wanted to have a completely natural smile after two of her front adult teeth didn’t grow. There were lots of options for Holly and her parents, and they decided to open up the space in Holly’s mouth so she could replace her missing teeth with dental implants that looked entirely natural.

One of our orthodontic specialists fitted fixed braces, which straightened Holly’s teeth and made room for the implants. By working closely with Holly’s implant provider, we were able to help her have the smile she’d dreamed of.

Holly’s mum said:

“A lot of students at Cranford House School have been treated at Park Lane Orthodontics with stunning results. We have been very impressed and delighted with all the staff, and would recommend the practice to friends and family without hesitation.”

Holly (age 16), Student, Oxfordshire

Case Study 3 - Ingrid (age 13), Student, Burghfield

  • Before

  • After

Ingrid had her consultation at Park Lane Orthodontists after feeling embarrassed about her teeth for a long time. They were crowded, and Ingrid didn’t feel confident when smiling as she thought her teeth looked unattractive. Rather than remove healthy adult teeth to ease the crowding, which could be uncomfortable, one of our team fitted fixed braces after discussing the options with Ingrid and her parents. These braces aligned and straightened Ingrid’s teeth, giving her a fantastic smile.

“Before treatment, my teeth were crowded and sticking out. I was really nervous about having teeth out so I was happy when Ben said I wouldn’t need any extractions. Everyone was really kind and friendly, and explained the treatment processes in a way I could understand.

It was worth the investment of time and money for me and my parents because the result will benefit me for the rest of my life. Since the braces have come off, I smile a lot more and have a lot more confidence. If someone was unsure about having treatment I would tell them to definitely go for it.”

Ingrid (age 13), Student, Burghfield

Case Study 4 - Tim (age 17), Student, Oxfordshire

  • Before

  • After

Tim came to Park Lane Orthodontics as he was concerned about his teeth. His lower teeth were crowded, while his dental arches – the way the teeth are laid out in the gum – were constricted. Tim wasn’t suffering with any short term dental issues, but without treatment he would have struggled to keep his teeth healthy in the future, risking decay, and the teeth crowding would have become noticeably worse.

We avoided having to extract any of Tim’s teeth by using an alignment system which straightened the arches and allowed more room for his lower set of teeth.

“Having my teeth straightened was much quicker and easier than I had expected. I am now much more confident about my smile! I would recommend Park Lane Orthodontics to anyone considering braces. Many thanks to the whole team!”

Tim (age 17), Student, Oxfordshire