When should I make the first appointment for my child?

It’s best to bring your child along for their first appointment at Park Lane Orthodontics before their ninth birthday. Your child will still have some baby teeth, and that’s useful for our orthodontists who’ll be able to see if there are any potential bite problems or issues with teeth crowding.

Bringing them along before they turn 9 means we can tell you the best age for them to start treatment. Sometimes, we might recommend an ‘early intervention’ treatment that starts between 9 and 12 if there are problems we can help to solve sooner rather than later. But most often any treatments will start when your child has all – or nearly all – of their adult teeth.

If your child is coming up to their ninth birthday and you’d like to see one of our specialists, use our online enquiry form to book or ask us any questions. You can also book a consultation if your child is older and you’ve been discussing orthodontic options with them or their dentist.

Our team at Park Lane Orthodontics provide a number of different treatments for children, whilst all our clinicians believe ‘early interceptive’ treatment, where possible, is the best approach. Find out more about what treatment will be best for your child on our treatment options page.