Clear Fixed Braces In Reading


At Park Lane Orthodontics in Reading, one of the many orthodontic treatments we offer are specialist clear braces, which include clear fixed braces. Lots of people think traditional metal fixed braces look ‘obvious’, showing other people they’re having orthodontic work which, for some patients, can feel embarrassing. Our clear fixed braces are a great alternative, as they provide all the straightening and alignment benefits with a subtle, ‘barely there’ look. With our clear braces treatment, you will get the results you need, discreetly.

Why Should I Consider Clear Fixed Braces?

There are many reasons you should consider clear fixed braces to straighten your teeth.

Clear braces use translucent ceramic brackets, rather than metal. These are then fitted to your teeth, helping them blend into your natural tooth colour and appear much less obtrusive. A new development in clear brace technology is tooth-coloured wires, helping to make the brace even more invisible. During your consultation, we’ll advise you on whether clear fixed braces are right for you and discuss your treatment options.

How Much Do Clear Braces Cost?

If clear fixed braces are right for you, a typical investment might be between £3,000 for very simple treatments of one dental arch, and up to £5,500 for longer or more complex treatments (involving both jaws). However, fees and payment plans will be advised by your specialist orthodontist when you visit Park Lane Orthodontics, Reading for your consultation.

To learn more about our clear fixed braces for adults, please do get in touch today on 0118 9411628 or fill out an enquiry form below.