Free Invisalign Smile Assessment

During the week of 12th November 2018 we are opening some free appointments for those of you who are interested about having straightening their teeth and want to find out more without committing to a full assessment.

All over the UK dentists and Orthodontists are running Invisalign Smile Week to help show prospective patients what could be done to make their teeth straighter. It gives them the chance to come and get a feel of the practice, have a chat with the treatment coordinator or team member about treatment options and fees and have a digital scan of the current tooth position.

That’s when the magic happens! From the scan a simulation can be made showing just how good the teeth would look if they were straightened.

We are delighted to be able to offer this to you at Park Lane Orthodontics. This is a great opportunity to learn more about tooth straightening with us and what it may involve, including the fees and ways to help spread the investment into “bite sized” installments!

To arrange your free assessment, call Vicky on 0118 9411685 and take the first steps to achieving your straighter more confident smile