Meet Julia

When Julia, a sales trainer in her forties, wanted to straighten her teeth one of the most difficult hurdles for her to overcome was justifying spending the money and not wanting them to show.

Julia talks about why she wanted treatment and her reservations.

“I always wanted dead straight teeth”
“I didn’t realise I could have straight teeth”
“I was worried what people would think about a 40 year having braces”

After 12 months of thinking about going ahead we decided that Invisalign aligners would be the best option for her. So she started her treatment and is now 12 months in.

Julia talks about having Invisalign

“The option of Invisalign made it more compelling”
“It could be removed when I was doing training sessions”
“It was easy to get used to”
“There wasn’t a problem talking with it in”

To find out more about Invisalign click here.

Now her teeth are improving we asked Julia to look back at the pictures of her teeth at the start of treatment and give us her view of what they looked like.

Julia compares her teeth now with the start of her treatment

“My teeth were quite bad even though my friends said they were fine”
“I knew they weren’t how I wanted them to be”
“I was always slightly self-conscious of my teeth”
“I notice that I now smile a lot more”

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