Men having braces

Craig and Alex, both successful professional men, tell you about their reasons for going ahead with their tooth straightening treatment

Craig and Alex talk about why they wanted their teeth straightened

“My teeth started going awry in my early teens …I should have had a brace at that time”

“I always deep down had been self conscious about my teeth as a teenager but I resisted braces…on the basis that I thought they’ll grow out, sort themselves out “

Like a lot of busy professionals, it’s easy to put off doing things – especially anything to do with healthcare. After some prompting by their dentist (and for Alex his partner) they decided to come to see what could be done

Craig and Alex talk about what affect have crooked teeth had on them

“I did that whole thing of smiling without opening my mouth”

“There are moments in your business life when you need to look and feel the part ….but when you feel like you open your mouth and there’s a building site in your mouth … it’s not great”

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Craig and Alex talk about their treatment and what it’s like

Craig and Alex show you what their teeth were like before they had orthodontic correction.

Craig had fixed braces, Alex is currently wearing Invisalign

“2 years later my teeth are a lot straighter and I’m a lot more confident in smiling”

“I was conscious it was going be painful and obvious and affect my speech and it didn’t do any of those things “

“…within a day or two I could tell my teeth were moving”

” I was actually surprised how quickly I could see movement “

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